Saturday, June 13, 2009

Surfin' Bird

Just a teaser to let you know that tomorrow I'll be posting the goods for June's Vintage Giveaway. Yay! Joy! Rapture! Wanna know what the giveaway is? Well too bad, I'm not telling until tomorrow! But here's a hint:


Can you guess from that seemingly random picture of the Brady Bunch in Hawaii? What do you mean no? I'm so disappointed in your lack of guessing skills. In the meantime, pass the poi mahalo and enjoy some time with the Bradys.


Look at that stupid weenie Bobby and his conch bong.


That Mr. Brady, he sure is a shiny piece of permed, polyester ass. He puts the ho in Don Ho. Also, this is why men should never wear flip flops. Not even on the beach. Men should wear socks and boots at all times and never should a flash of foot be seen. Except you, Mike Brady. You and your smart, knit twin sets can wear flip flips anytime you want.


Speaking of stupid fashion choices, you know, it's really a good thing the boys packed their tight corduroy slacks, long sleeve denim blouses and double knit Dacron sweaters on their vacation to go spelunking in a tiki cave by themselves like a bunch of naive dumbasses that they are in the middle of the jungle. In the dead of summer. In Hawaii. God, I forgot how much I hate the stupid Brady family.

"Surfin' Bird" by The Trashmen


  1. oh the Brady Bunch... "why can't we be more like the Brady Bunch" cause Mr.Brady died of AIDS and that is the somber reality to that much answered question.

  2. Howdy Retro Queen of everything

    Wow The Brady Bunch, Oh who but you sweet Kimm could make us all scream Marsha, Marsha, Marsha ,
    and come back again begging to read the rest of your blog .
    Ramblings infused with retro humor .
    We have all become addicted to your random thoughts of an aging retro Queen.
    It is as if you took us all to Sunset Blvd. blindfolded,
    thinking we were really going to Disney Land to see the Pirates sing .
    Hey some of us are really slow .
    We grew up in the world of 50's Nick at nite reruns .
    You know us way to well.

    What do you put in your blogging humor anyway
    punch with everclear ??????
    Should I be worried about the after affects of reading your blog :)
    Take care my retro friend .
    Have a great weekend.
    Please remember me in your upcoming giveaway.
    Happy Trails

  3. "...he sure is a shiny piece of permed, polyester ass" is my new fave saying :)

  4. Hi, Terry! I'm not sure if my blog can make you punch drunk from all the wit-- but it sure helps to BE drunk when you read it. Hey-yooo!

  5. Rachel- I'm pretty sure that's going to become the next hip catch phrase.