Monday, March 23, 2009

Suddenly It's Spring

So it's officially spring, right? So what gives with these east coast winds and the cold and the whatnot? And the northwest is getting slammed with another blizzard and there's tornado watches in the mid west or more whatnot everywhere else? I do not approve, Mother Nature. I do not approve at all. For your non-robotic, feminine side, enjoy some fruity tooty flowers from my kitchen table, which sprinkle their charming yellow pollen dust on my cereal bowl every time the table gets bumped, making me follow up with a Zyrtec and gin chaser. Spring is wonderful. (I'm just kidding about mixing meds with gin. It was whisky.)



(Gettin' my garden geek on: I looove Campanula flowers. Actually, I relish flowers that are vaguely shaped like Chinese paper lanterns!)

Lucky for me, I'm getting the hell outta dodge on vacay this weekend (was that a little too cheestastically "Legally Blond"? It was. I should be shot.) for a whole 5 days. That's right, not a full week, but 5 days. Jealous? Of course. Who wouldn't be jealous because I get to go to Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede? And don't even think I'm not totally going to act like a retarded tourist jackass and dress like a dang cowgirl, because I totally am, and I'm bringing my family down with me by forcing the menfolk to wear western shirts and we will look awesome. Awesomely hokey and wrong. When in Rome and all that crap. I'm gonna Daisy Duke the balls outta that place. (I don't know what that means either. Just get in the fetal position and go to a happy place.)

"Suddenly It's Spring" by Frank Sinatra.


  1. Right on pally, good to hear youre getting outta dodge for a bit, we all need that shit once in a while. Yeah, we gots the spring here too, its OK. Ive been helpin' whats her name move into her new digs, its swell, Im very happy for her and Mommy's Little Monster.

    I cant pull off the western wear look, I just cant. Im too city boy for it. My urban roots wont let me go.

    I like that you enjoy gardening, another thing you and your evil twin here can talk about for hours I guess, huh?

    If we dont "talk" before you go, travel safe please and enjoy some family time, its all good =)

  2. I can't pull off western either to save my life! (Not exactly a popular "look" in PA.) I feel dorky wearing it here, but somehow in another state it makes it somehow acceptable. Anyway, maybe if I'm motivated, I'll send postcards! (Which means I probably won't. But the thought's there, right?)

  3. I give you an A+ for the thought!