Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ice Ice Baby

All right stop. Collaborate and listen. Ice is back with my brand new invention

(Ha! You love it when I drop crazy lame, retro faux rap lyrics on yo' asses. Wait. You do love when I do that, right? No? Ok, I'll stop. But first: Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it. Ok, I'm done.)

We're due to have snow and ice and weather drop on us here in the northeast and sadly, I am one of those losers that needs to run to the store and it'll be a madhouse in there and I'll get stabby at the slow-ass 80 year olds buying their TV guides and frozen peas and it will not be pretty. But really, I have no bread or milk and apparently that's what you're supposed to rush out to get, when the end of the world is near. Like anyone even consumes mass quantities of beads and milk when you're stuck in the house for a while. Isn't it more like Cheetos and Ben & Jerry's? Oy. Sometimes I can't stand people faced with winter situations. People like me, flipping the bird to oncoming traffic. Who cares about food when there's a liquor store much closer to the house?

Is it spring yet?...How about now? Because I am not in a winter mood anymore, in fact, I'm already hankering for spring and more importantly, Valentine's Day, dreaming of all the chocolates and roses and champagne and blood diamonds I probably won't get. But if you're the schmancy type, the kind that actually gets to go out like normal humans do and get all done up real purdy-like, you'll need a suitable schmancy dress. (Ps: Is "schmancy" even a word?) Perhaps this dress will suffice. You'll dig this aMAZing vintage 50's party dress, with lace overlay in a flame pattern around the nearly-full-circle skirt, from Minx Modes. (How great is that label name? I can say it all day. Minx Modes. Minx Modes.)

Newly listed at Fast Eddie's Retro Rags! Click the picture to take you to the listing, homeslices.

(Yo VIP let's kick it. Ok seriously, I'll stop now.)


  1. You haz let me down. You actually know lyrics to Ice Ice Baby, you deserve 10 lashings for that! What year did that tune come out. It was like, um, 91 or so, wasnt it? Man that makes me feel old.

    Hah, it was funny when Vanilla Ice decided to try and go all new school homo metal and he got all inked up and stuff.

    Put him in a closed up room w/ Mike Ness for 10 mins. and our Vanilla Ice problems would be no more =)

    I do however respect the man because now I guess he is totally dedicated to being a family man. He adores his kids and his wife which is indeed, pretty dang cool in itself.

    Speaking of family men, today my baby girl turns 6. Holy crap! Where is all the time going. She is so amazingly smart and so full of life and love. OK, Ill stop now, or Im gonna get all misty on ya, heh.

  2. Please don't stop! I enjoy your crazy lame, retro faux rap lyrics too much!

    That dress is gorgeous! If only my hubby ever took me anywhere, that would be the ideal frock!

  3. I adore this dress and I think it would love to time travle to 1955 with me! I am glad I found your blog as these links to fashion for sale can be my 'local department store' when my fingers are too sore from sewing and cleaning and cooking and having bridge with the gals. I love your site.

  4. Aww, thank you so much 50sgal! Keep checking in to see new updates, along with the usual crazy, retro goodness and vintage tomfoolery we sometimes chat about! Thanks for reading, kid!

  5. Oh no you didn't! Really, you are the only other blogger I know (Besides Wendy B) who is as in love with old school as I am! Yay!