Monday, January 26, 2009

9 To 5

Hey, hey, kids! Contrary to popular belief I did not get taken captive by a traveling group of nomadic breakdancers, I am not moonlighting as a von Trapp singer and I did not fall off the face of the earth due to a moon boot malfunction. Although, breakdancing in moon boots sounds interesting. (Note to self: Start an 80's revival new wave band. Name it "Breakdancing In Moon Boots".)

Update time. Here's the haps: I've been multitasking like a crackhead and because of which I've not been blogging my face off like usual, simultaneously annoying and slightly amusing some in the usual manner. You know how I roll. For that, I'm sorry. (For the not-blogging part, not for the face coming off part. Because having no face would be gross. And unsanitary.) I just got in a mountain of vintage to consign for some of my bitches, and while that is delightful, it's also panic attack-making, what with all the work that needs to be done. And how can one get work done when there's American Idol to be watched? So there's that. Lots of new vintage, lots of work to go with it and waning mojo. And while I may not be super worker USA, as jebus as my witness I shall never be without my mojo. So back to work. Wa-pssssh! (That was indeed a lame attempt at making a "crack the whip" sound. What do you expect from 4 hours of sleep and not enough coffee? Must I keep reminding you that I'm not a hilarious comedian like Carrot Top? Although I would like to smash some crap like Gallagher.)

Be warned: in the next few days I'll be posting my very first giveaway! What could it be, you ask? Something way nerdy, you can bet. If you like free crap-free vintage crap- make sure to stay tuned and sign up. Or don't. You'll be crying your eyes out when you don't win an Evel Knievel lunch box. (It's not an Evel Knievel lunch box.)

Also, I have a new obsession which has been eating up my time lately. I'll get into the details of it later, perhaps in the next day or so. But it is way nerdy, yo. Which is also how I roll. I can tell you that my newest obsession is not: starting a Baywatch coffee mug collection, adopting Russian refugees or learning to speak Elvish.


  1. I was actually starting to miss your hilarious blogging. I was all "Where did my Kim go?"

    Glad youre back. Only like 54 days of winter left kiddo. We still havent seen a huge snowfall all at once yet this season, Im getting nervous! But hell, right now the sun is out and there are flurries everywhere! Go figure.

    I dont care what youre giving away...sign my white ass up!!!

  2. 2 more things...I liked your Chandler Bing impression from your cookbook obsession blog. Could you BE any more right on?

    And 2ndly, if youre giving anything away that is REMOTELY connected to Mr. Ness or Social D. (I dont care the style of it, whatever) I automatically win, deal? =)

  3. Of course! (But it's nothing SD-related, amigo.)