Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas eve, everyone! Or if you're Jewish, then Happy Hanukkah. If you're a new age-y granola type, then Happy Winter Solstice. If you're an atheist, then Happy nothing. I hope you all get what you deserve. (That sounds a bit ominous and foreboding, doesn't it?) Deck those halls, bring us some figgy pudding, please to put a penny in the old man's hat and don your gay apparel.

"Got no sleigh with reindeer, No sack on my back, You're gonna see me comin' in a big black Cadillac." A little Xmas cheer, blitzed-out, forgetful King-style:

One of the most real depictions of what Christmas is really like for most people. Starts out beautiful and hopeful but eventually turns dismal and wrong. Thank JEBUS for those crazy kids, The Pogues, for writing the best Xmas lyrics ever: "Happy Christmas you arse, I pray God its our last". How the hell can I look it but not be Irish?

Happy Holidays, to all of my little peppermint twists! Lumps of coal for everyone!


  1. Dude, Fairytale of New York is the BEST Christmas song evah. What other song has "slut" in it?

  2. The Elvis video was awesome, I watched it several times, mainly because that was his black leather suit days, when he sang and looked unstoppable.

    However, from back in the day, Id have to go with a 140 pound (when hes soaking wet) Frank Sinatra to come along and kick the kings ass. Ole Frank was a scrapper and those are the ones ya gotta watch out for!

  3. Black Leather Elvis is probably my second favorite Elvis period!