Friday, September 5, 2008

How Do You Talk To An Angel

Sweet jumping jebus on a pogo stick.


Good lord. I mean, REALLY. WTF happened to Jason Priestley AKA Brandon "Sugar Britches" Walsh?! Please explain how the once future Mr. Kim could allow this to happen?! Surely this was against his own will and the chin pubery was forced upon his face by some dastardly evil-doer. Voodoo, methinks. A pox of epic proportions. Karma? I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT THIS WORLD IS COMING TO.


See now? That's much better...I am calm and Zen-like and will recite my daily affirmation: "I am Mrs. Brandon Walsh...I am Mr. Brandon Walsh..."

The only thing I can figure, is that he's doing it to go incognito. This way, when the television abortion that is called the NEW 90210 comes out and the masses have sharpened their pitchforks, they won't recognise him. Either *that* over dramatic explanation or he's a nutbag. A delicious nutbag, nonetheless. I had a wicked crush on him when I was like, what...15? (or 30, shut up don't judge me). Brandon + Kim 4-Ever. The Trapper Keeper says so and if the TK says so, it WILL COME TRUE. However. There are only 3 guys in this world that can rock facial overgrowth:

1. This guy~



2. This guy. Tom Selleck is cool. He could kick Santa's ass any day.



3. Burt Reynolds. He's kind of like your douche Uncle Tony who gives you a noogieand calls you "retard" or "knucklehead", yet he still KICKS ASS. He could kick Santa AND Tom Selleck's asses with one hand and his 'stache wouldn't have a hair out of place.


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