Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where The Boys Are

Today is the little man's birthday and these are his top 2 ultimate birthday wish list items, written exactly as so:

1. "A dog. The weener kind."

Which he *is* getting, the dog of the weener kind, but not for another month yet. Can't be helped, so don't even try the "You're parent of the year, giving a seriously late ass present. For shame with you and your tardy gift-giving" guilt trip, mmkay? I have Italian in-laws so I've built up and immunity to it. Well that, and also not listening when they're talking helps.

2. "Movies for my collection".

'Tis true, the boy loves his cinema. Not in the fat-kid-and-cheetos way, but in the loves-classic-film/art-student way. Praise jebus that's he's getting past the Disney/Pixar/animated swill full of Morals and Lessons. Good thing too, because there's a point one reaches before watching Cars so many times that a cyanide pill with a straight-up Clorox chaser sounds delicious. This one is going to be in movies somehow, either the acting in or directing and/or producing of. This year's birthday list includes The Sandlot (kickASS) and Stand By Me (double kickass) and Angels With Dirty Faces (well the boy's a genius obviously), all of which he's getting. I vow to always dress the boy, for as long as he lets me, like a character from one of the first 2. The boy's uniform is generally a stripey tee, cuffed Levis and hi-top chucks. Although if I could, I'd dress him like one of the The Dead End Kids every day. In fact, I'm gonna work on that.


"Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Kid gets beat up on the playground for looking like a 1930's newsie!"...Might not work so well after all.

The good thing about being the only female type in a house of all male types is that they tend to adore the lone female in the household. Which is me. Adore me! Worship me fools! Bow at my feet lowly peasants! By now I have sole authority on the wardrobing of said males and you know how GIRLS are, so bossy and domineering. That's my job which shall not be shared. Bitches. So I don't think it'd go well if I had a daughter, I'm a total Chick Among Boys. Peeps with daughters~ I'm not sure how you do it. I can't even fathom what life's gonna be like for you when they hit puberty to teenhood and I don't envy you one bit. But when it comes to clothing, especially vintage, girls have the upper hand in Total Cuteness, do they not? Little cardigans over 50's sundresses? LOVE that, kill me now. That's probably the *only* time I wish I had a girl instead of having the World's Coolest 8 Year Old Boy. Don't hate the player, hate the game. Whatever. I hate MYSELF for saying that.

It's no secret that I adore selling boy's to men's vintage (ha ha...Boyz to Men...Get it?...Lame.) For your own little hooligans, check out these things from the 50's, all from me at Fast Eddie's Retro Rags! I know what boys like. They'll like what I tell 'em to like.

2Tone Plaid Gaucho Shirt, for your delinquent-in-training:

NOS loop shirt w/ gold lurex swirls and embroidered arrows:

Salt & pepper flecked wool coat, NOS:

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