Sunday, July 11, 2010

Prints Charming Sunday: That Train Keeps A-Rollin'

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday!

First, a quick announcement: this week I'll be rolling out new banners to use for our weekly themes (ie: Prints Charming Sundays & Way-Out Wednesdays). I've grown kinda bored of the ones I use now every week, so in the words of those damn Brady kids: "when its time to change, you've got to rearrange." Also: "sha na na na na na na na na, sha na na na na." (Got that song stuck in your head now? Ha! That's my gift to you.)

A second quick announcement (sorry! but it's a good one!): Stay tuned for the Vintage Giveaway this week! I've raced past 300 followers (you guys RULE), so as promised this week I'll be giving away something vintage and PINK from my very own collection!

On to Prints Charming Sunday!


Today's vintage novelty print pick is this Vintage 50's Train Ticket Print Skirt, available on Etsy from seller TMHL:


Cuuute! I've got a real "thing" for 50's skirts. As in, I hoard them. (In fact, I've bought them from some of you vintage sellers before!) The *only* reason I'm sharing this skirt with you all and not snatching it up for my own greedy self is because it's got a 24" waist. Siiigh. It'd take me another 4 months of hardcore work to get to that size and frankly, I'm sick to death of dieting and exercise, so this 26" waist is the best it's gonna get... unless I get a second wind to keep losing weight. Or get a tapeworm. Or half my ass gets cut off in a freak farm equipment accident. And since none of those is likely to happen, you teeny gals will have to fight to the death for it. Ready? Go.



  1. Soooo cute. Too small for me too. Double sigh x

  2. love this print, and wow on the 26 inch waist I've never even been a 26 inch waist well maybe when I was 12 ;o)

  3. Ooohhh, that IS adorable! And now I've got Johnny Burnette singing in my head (somehow those Brady kids didn't stick - lol). I love 50s skirts too, but rarely find them in my waist size (which is definitely not 24").

    Congrats on your 26-incher! Last time I was at that point was in high school - pretty sure I won't see it again ;)

  4. Howdy
    Oh my 26 you lucky gal !!!!!!!!
    In my dreams ,but I love ,love ,love the skirt.
    I have a great old dress form from the 1950's that I display my favorite 50's clothes on as that is as close as I'll ever be to those teeny tiny waisted retro mamas .
    It gives me a way to enjoy the clothes .
    Thank you so much for sharing sweetie !
    Big Texas size hugs
    until next time
    Happy Trails

  5. You. Are. Hilarious! Good call on the Brady's.

    I think that if I had a 24 inch waist, my body would break in two like a twig. I don't think I've been that small since first grade. Here's to great skirts but nooooo freak farming accidents.