Thursday, May 13, 2010

Knit Wits, Part 10: Premenopausal In Pink.


You know, it's been a while since we explored the strangeness of vintage sweater patterns, so it's high time we delve into the wacky antics of pattern people. Thanks to Elanknits on Etsy for offering this Vintage 1949 Stitchcraft Sweater Pattern for inspiration!

I now bring you: Premenopausal in Pink...


Duckie had finally accepted the fact that his last resort for a prom date was his Mom. He could accept the fact that Andie likes a tool who'll toss her ass to the curb the second his foot hits Harvard ground. He could accept the fact that his HMO only covers 2 therapy sessions a month from the mental anguish posing with his mom for his prom picture will cause. What he couldn't quite accept was the motel room key his mom slipped into his pocket on the dance floor during the Electric Slide.


  1. HAHAHHAHHHAHHAHA... I wish you could hear me chuckling!!!!

  2. Howdy Kim
    Girlfriend someday you have to
    write a book
    so we can learn how things turn out :)
    Ya know it's gotta be a best seller
    with a world of quirky dysfunctional
    vintage loving Knit Wits
    who of course will require
    a signed first edition copy
    becuse well we read it
    and got addicted to your way out warped
    wicked sense of humor first :)
    Seriously you are one amazing
    creative inspiring writer !!!!!!!!
    Thank you for once again
    making my day all better :)
    Until next Time
    Happy Trails