Friday, March 5, 2010

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: Cinderella's Slippers.

It's Aqua Blue Heaven Friday, lovers!

Spring will be here soon and that means cute shoe weather. Please, no more with the Uggs or those knit sweater Eskimo bootie type things. Comfy? Yes. Fug? Even bigger yes. I'll admit to owning a pair faux Ugg boots (AKA Fuggs)- black suede ones by Airwalk I got at Payless last year for a million times less than the cost of real Uggs. But you know what? I'm in Pennsylvania where winters kick your ass, so looking cute from December to March isn't really an option. Anyone living in frosty areas get a fashion pass for Ugg necessity! Everyone else, you're on your own. Like the California girls who wear them with denim mini skirts and "wifebeaters". I don't get it. It leaves me with many questions. Two, actually. One is: what the hell? And 2 is: are those types the equivalent of our east coast Jersey Girl guidettes? You know, leaning toward the slutty end of the fashion spectrum and rocking perma-Cheeto orange faux tan. (AKA: the female version of a guido.) Needless to say, I'm ready for warmer weather, ready to pack away the damn Fuggs and move on so I can start making fun of people who wear socks with sandals.

For extreme awesomeness, you may dig these Vintage 50's Lucite Heel Slingbacks, in a very sad and very wee size 4.5-5, currently available from Etsy seller Cheesecake Vintage:

But check out the etched heel! Do love it. (I wonder if I can get that down to my Fuggs?)