Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: Run, Run, Rudolph. Then Stop, Drop and Roll, Rudolph!

Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday, Holiday Horrors edition!

Fire Safety Week took an unexpected and ironic turn this week at the North Pole, when Santa's pipe got a little too close to Rudolph's fur. Eyewitness accounts say it was like Three Mile Island, only the air smelled like Kentucky Fried Chicken. Firefighters report that when finding the charred remains of the reindeer, they were completely confused as to why his balls were on his chin. Santa is in stable condition however, with all body parts properly in place, though he does has an insatiable appetite for KFC. There is one ray of hope in this gruesome mess: A new job position has just opened up in the Flight Team department. No experience necessary; inquire within.

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