Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: Dude, Where's My Sleigh?

Proof that Santa does, in fact, hate hippies as his employees:

Yellow Pom Pom: "Dude. Where'd we park the sleigh last night? And what...what the hell? What is this? Am I wearing a Snuggie?!"

Red Pom Pom: "Uh oh...You know those, uhh, like, those "magical pixie mushrooms" we swiped from the drunk hooker passed out behind the Peppermint Pole strip club? I think they somehow ended up in the brownies we made. That we then left on the doorstep of Mrs. Claus' house. You know, next to the flaming bag of reindeer poop."

Yellow: "Am I wearing this Snuggie backwards?"

Red: "Remember those blow-up dolls we made in the workshop-OH MY GOD I HAVE BUTTONS FOR EYES! I'm freaking out, man!"

Yellow: "Does it look like I'm wearing a dress? Because I feel like a really gay Charlie Brown right now, in my striped sweater dress and matching Snuggie."


(Vintage Handknit Christmas Peeps from Divine Debris Vintage.)


  1. Those are really cool. I love 'em. Hope you're having a great week. Cheers!

  2. LOL!very loudly.
    You're too much! :)

  3. Creepy. *shiver*
    Oh well, at least they're not clowns.