Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: The How-To's On Decking The Halls

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday! I found this great Vintage 50's Christmas Idea Book on Etsy and had to share. Mostly I'm in love with the atomic starbursts on the cover and the 3tone colors (green, pink, silver? win!):

...but also it makes me wonder if anyone even buys Christmas decorating books anymore? Is there even such a thing in the new book market? It makes me sad that this little book, chock full of marvelous (I'm assuming) holiday decorating ideas, has become a dinosaur in the technology age. What sort of ideas, you ask? With this book, you can learn how to...

...stick balls in wreaths. Ta-da! Impressive! And with this book, you can learn to make your very own...

...Char-Broiled Hickory Smoke Santa. Festive!


  1. whispers: I have several new Christmas books; some are Martha Stewarts. Some are Country Livings. That one does look pretty cool though.

  2. I'm Jewish but I've always been jealous of the fun Christians have at Christmas.

  3. Martha Stewart would curse every "tacky" page in this book. I wonder if she'd even touch this old thing without gloves and a mask. :-(