Monday, July 27, 2009

And The Winner Is...

...Of the Vintage Giveaway contest (remember? the olive green polka dotty cocktail shaker? you didn't forget already did you?)...

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein! Huzzah, guv'na! (..yeeeah, no idea where that came from, man. How embarrassing. Nerdy McNerdsville calling.)

Monkey, you can drop me an email or you can leave me a comment here with your name & shipping address info and I'll get that ding dang shaker off to you ASAP! (Of course, if you leave a comment with your personal info, I won't post it!)

As always thanks to everyone, old friends and brand spanky new ones, who did me a solid and played along! Without you guys, I am nothing. You are the wind beneath my....ehh, fugeddaboudit. Tune in next month, where I'll be rolling along with the vintage cocktail theme of vintage summer giveaways! Starting September, we'll start heading into a whole different angle of the seasonal vintage giveaways! Something more...autumn-y, perhaps? What could be something suitable that's vintage and also fits into the autumn theme? (Whatever. Why am I freaking over this now? I have issues, apparently.)

Anyway, thank you guys so much again! You make this fun! And tipsy.

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