Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She's a Maniac

So you know how you're surfing the web, looking for something in particular and you get sidetracked with a various assundry of things not even close to what you were looking for, but it's all good in the hood because what you found slightly rocks so your search was fruitful after all? Also, did you know that "assundry" isn't even a real word? Apparently it's some sort of phoney-baloney, Southern made-up word, like "y'all" and "if'n" and "grits". And one last thing, has anyone even said "surfing the web" since 2001? Sigh. I'm full of random thoughts and meaningless questions that aren't getting answered. It's just that kind of tuesday, I guess.

So while searching for certain vintage 40's patriotic/July 4th photos, I came across these fantastic WWII-era pictures (I think from Life magazine?) that for some reason I found so striking and so moving, I had to post my favorite. I know you've all seen "Rosie the Riveter" type photos of women working in factories (not to mention countless jackassy celebrity photos mimicking the famous pose) but hopefully you haven't seen this "Rosie" yet. If you have, then you suck.


I love the colorway of the photo- an aesthetic the photographer probably didn't exactly have in mind, but still. I love that, while her fashion ensemble at the time had a sole purpose of being functional and not exactly to look cute, looks beyond charming today. And while this was probably staged (what with women having to keep up the appearance of femininity at all times), I can't help but love that she's wearing red nail polish and a flash of lipstick~ and looks beyond annoyed that she has to in the first place!

"She's a Maniac" by Hall and Oates.


  1. Glorious photo, I love your new buttons on your blog such cute prints! ♥

  2. Thanks Darla! I have to keep changing things up- a bit of decorating OCD, maybe?

  3. i really enjoy reading what goes on in your head. the twitter picture is so cute.