Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: Cover Me

(I know I've not been around much, but it's craptastic trying to get back into your old groove when you've been away from it! Yeah, that's it. More like I've been prone to woe-is-me-ing. At any rate, I'm back! Bad news for you.)

So. You know, don't you love it when your no-plans weekend turns into a real plans weekend? I know I don't. This Easter Sunday was supposed to be easy peasy lemon squeezy, but now I have peeps coming over and I have to be, like, a gracious host or something and give them vittles and whatever. Not that I'm a bible-thumpin' betty by any means. In fact, I'm pretty sure at this point my picture is hanging up in most Catholic churches that says "Do not serve or accept checks from this person". But Easter is just "one of things" you do, just because you do. Plus there's ham. So with that, foodstuffs must be bought and the house made to look less tornado-in-a-trailer-park looking. The weird cold weather stunted the growth on my Easter flowers outside, so a quick Martha Stewart-y fix is throwing down a vintage tablecloth and calling it a day. I have no appropriate Easter tablecloths. I've got half a dozen 50's tablecloths with roses on them, but that's boring. So this year, I'm celebratin' jebus with a cowboy print, since I'm pretty sure he was known as "Jebus of the Amarillo Texas Hold 'Em Covenant, of the Bon Jovi Wanted Dead or Alive Sect". (I'm so getting smited. Sorry jebus, but you know how I roll.) This is mine, not for sale, just for fun:


Saloon girl garter belt? Check. Spurs? Check. Fire water? Check. This is gonna be the best jebus-approved Easter yet.

So for Way-Out Wednesday, of course I found more vintage tablecloths apropos for spring, but would make Martha Stewart angrier than a jackrabbit on a greased-up griddle. (I don't know what that means really.) All but the last one I believe are are vintage 50's, the last one is just...well you'll see.

(Each one below is for sale, the pics are clickable to take you to each listing.)

Wha...? Soulless basket weave Italian restaurant wine decanter farm animals? If you say so.

Rooster lived a happy life on Campbell's Chicken Noodle Farm, and is doing his happy dance because it's raining and he loves the smell of soup on rainy days. Rooster does not know that he is the soup.

In the world of fowl, it is customary to bring 2 of your children on an oval platter to housewarming parties as a gift.

Little chick does not like where this is going. Bunny does.

"Cover Me" by Bjork. Or Bruce Springsteen. Or the other 4 jillion bands that share the same generic song name.


  1. Just had to say Hey! and tell you that your collection of tableclothes had me LOL, really. Out loud.

    (But the bunny one is disturbing)

  2. Good to see you 'round these parts, Tina! And I'm glad I'm guilty of LOL-ing you! (I don't know what that means either today.)

  3. Wow! Those look great.

    I still hope you have a nice Easter. I'm going to my grandmother's house that day. That's where our family gets together for our holiday meals.

  4. Thanks, you have an awesome Easter too, Keith! I hope your day with your family is less dysfunctional than mine!