Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rumble In Brighton.


"I hate you. So very much."

"Well I hate you more."

"That's right, just keep smiling, sweetheart. Just you wait until this damn photo shoot is over."

"Ooooh, I'm scared. Not. You don't know me, bitch. I'll knife you while you sleep, I swear to God."


  1. HAHAHAHA. Whats #1 doing way back there? I think shes getting ready to pull out a pistol and do them both in. But then again, the broad in blue has a purse, what the hell is she hiding in there?

    Man, this could get nasty pretty fast!

  2. You know, I popped in some Stray Cats earlier and put them on shuffle play and the 1st song that was played was Rumble in Brighton. Odd.

    Ive seen a couple of items of clothing from your Ebay store that I wish youd put up for giveaway over the next few weeks, youve got some decent stuff kid.

    OK, back to my You Tube Brian Setzer guitar lesson obsession for the night (I dont even play).