Thursday, September 11, 2008

Goodnight Irene

As some of you already know, there will be a movie coming out about the woman, the myth, the legend, Coco Chanel. Starring Shirley MacLaine. On Lifetime. I'm not sure how I feel about this. Oh wait, yes I do, I think it's the worst idea since Pizza Combos. Now, I loves me some Shirley MacLaine. I love that every role she's played from the 1980's to today is a boozy, grizzled, bitchy old lady who deep down has a heart of gold but can't help verbally abusing her loved ones. A role I hope to transition into as gracefully someday. I really love me some Shirley MacLaine in her earlier work like The Apartment and Irma la Douce, generally playing a gal of loose morals (yeah, I mean a slut).

I'm sure she's gonna rock the hell out of playing Coco Chanel. I'm just not sure *anyone* should be playing Coco, let alone on the cheesiest television channel ever. Lifetime? Really?! I loves me some Lifetime, don't get me wrong. How else will I ever see reruns of The Golden Girls and Will & Grace and afterschool specials about teen drinking starring Tori Spelling? But playing a biography of an untouchable fashion icon such as Coco on Lifetime is mutinous. I don't know how, but it's a good word, so let's roll it. I get the whole "positive, strong women" thing Lifetime promotes and naturally the life of Coco fits into that category, but come ON. All we need next to form the perfect trifecta of blasphemy is to have Joan Rivers hock knockoff Chanel goldtone jewelry on QVC.

Chanel in all her fabulous glory, in her PRE-rolling-over-in-grave days:

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Gettin' jiggy with Salvador Dali

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Somehow it doesn't work. Prove me wrong, Shirley!:

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For a delish glimpse at a vintage Chanel piece, go check out what is probably *thee* best vintage clothing site out there in interwebs land called The Frock.

Click the pic to take you to TheFROCK's Chanel listing:

To see the Coco Chanel story, you can catch it on Lifetime this Saturday the 13th at 8pm eastern. Oy. and Vey. Or maybe the movie will not blow chunks after all? To be continued!

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