Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Triumphant Return!

Just a quick pop-in to say I'll be back to my regular blogging features as of tomorrow, right in time for Way-Out Wednesday! I've missed you all SO much and missed reading your blogs! Thanks to a most un-characteristically dramatic personal life crapstorm involving, but not limited to: a heart attack, double bypass surgery, multiple sclerosis, job loss, moving, and most recently, breast cancer, my commitments have been to my family and sadly my blog has taken a temporary breather.

(No need for concern- most of what's happened has NOT happened to me, but still, when it happens to your family, well, it might as well happen to you.)

Many thanks to those of you who dropped me a concerned line, phone call, telegram, secret note, (or whatever)- you guys rock so hard you don't even know it! Special thanks to my good pal and soul sista Cherry Bubbles of Past Life blog fame, who puts up with my flakiness and scatterbrained-ness for some unknown reason and deserves an award so grand and fabulous, it hasn't even been invented yet.

So no worries, mates. Tomorrow is another day (or whatever) and we'll be back on track with Way-Out Wednesday. See you then, loves!


  1. Heavens above!! I've been wondering what you were up to, and I'm glad things have settled down. I hope all concerned are okay.

  2. Good Gawd Girl...what a crap storm! Glad to hear you'll be back...I missed giggling to your posts!Hopefully things are back on track for you now!


  3. glad to be soon having you back! And yes, that Cherry Bubbles is one heck of a special gal!!

  4. Oh gosh! So sorry life is throwing you all kinds of curve balls. Damn those balls!

    Is it too lame to give cyber hugs? Well, lame I am, and proud of it! ((((Kim))))

  5. Wow sometimes in life it seems to test our strengh by throwing everything at us at once. But when you come out the other side its a huge relief. So sorry to hear of your troubles. Good luck with everything. Deex

  6. So glad you're ok, I was wondering, although that's a whole lot of stuff that's gone on! Hope everyone is recovered or on the mend. Nice to see you back, you've been missed!

  7. Hey, lame or not, I'll take a cyber hug when I can get it! Thanks, hun!

  8. Wow, I was wondering where you'd gone! Geez that is a lot to deal with. Hopefully things have settled down and I'm glad you're back!

  9. Hells Bells! that's one heck of a crapstorm. All that, and a bat caught up in your coiffure!Glad your back, and I am happily sending you cyberhugs too...'cept I don't know where you find that squiggly bracket icon.
    Z xx

  10. Oh my goodness! *blushes cherry red*

    I'm just glad you're back in time for Way Out Wednesday - I've missed starting my Wednesday out feeling deeply disturbed. ;)

    Hope the Crapstorm has been escorted to the door, and the next one turns out to be a Fabstorm!