Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Give Me Some Credit.

Today's Way-Out Wednesday pick isn't vintage or way-out at all, in the sense of the day's usual theme of creepy/strange/bizarre- but it is kind of way-out in the "those crafty Etsy bitches did it again! why didn't I think of that? what a coolio idea!" way. I'm talking about ye olde upcycling again, only this time I promise not to rant about how much I despise the "going green" catch phrase. (OK, I lied. I loathe the trendy catchphrase "going green". Now I'm done.)

This time, those wily artsy types took old credit and gift cards, hacked them to bits, added some metal hardware doodads and voila! Wearable art that came from, essentially, junk! I know, I make it sound easy, as if I'd ever attempt to make something like that. Hell, I don't even have any credit cards to hack up, having long since lived without more than a Visa check card for years now. Plus, my credit sucks, so there's that. (Though it's laughable, getting those "you may be pre-approved for a Visa Platinum card!" spammy applications in the mail. I laugh at the irony, you nutty credit card companies, thinking I should have credit. Ha! You fools!)

See how cool crappy plastic cards can look? These chicks even get color-organised! Now that's talent! I can't even organise my sock drawer.

Discs Upcycled Credit Card Bracelet

Red, White & Black Upcycled Credit Card Bracelet

Bright Party Colors Upcycled Credit Card Bracelet


  1. Howdy Kim
    Wow who has time to sit around and think up this stuff ?
    They are totally cool :)
    Happy way out Wednesday :)
    Have a great rest of the week !
    Happy Trails

  2. Until I actually scrolled down to the pictures, I was VERY sceptical about this idea! But they've actually made it work, and not look like the school-craft-project things I was anticipating with dread.

    Are you going to give these talented people a namecheck?

    And I'm making a late resolution to stop being such a nasty sceptic too