Friday, May 1, 2009

Rock Steady

Oh, I love vintage magazines like this July of '59 issue of Screen Stories, so full of 50's-style trickery. I can think of one really big reason why he won't marry her and it rhymes with "because he's just not into you, Debbie Power- or chicks". Oh wait, I gave away the ending. Sorry 'bout that. What I meant to say is that Rock Hudson is a virile, manly man who likes foosball, beer and boobs! No, really, he does. Though he pulls off being straight better than Tom Cruise does. (Hey- yo!) I do *adore* all of his films with Doris Day, Pillow Talk being my all-time favorite of the duo, even though it's borderline barfy-making with it's syrupy sweet corniness- which is why it's so great, no?


"Rock Steady" by Aretha Franklin


  1. I did always like Rock Hudson.

  2. Thanks for posting, Keith, me too! I think he's dreamy, like our American version of Cary Grant!