Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Way-Out Wednesday, Holiday Horrors Valentine's Day Edition: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Welcome to the last Way-Out Wednesday, Holiday Horrors Valentine's Day Edition: Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Emphasis on the crazy.


As promised, I've been spotlighting vintage Valentine's Day cards that are a little off-center. A little wacky. A little psychotic. So for today's finale, I'm showing off not just one, but five of my current favorites! Because all this crazy should be shared.

Vintage Valentine #1:


Alcoholism is super romantic.

Vintage Valentine #2:


I think this is what is called harassment. Oh wait! Sorry, it's called love.

Vintage Valentine #3:


Knowing why you're a loveless, friendless, dateless asshole is the first step.

Vintage Valentine #4:


Raggedy Andy was just asking for it.

Vintage Valentine #5:


Hey, at least he's being honest.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Atomic Tuesday: Chickens Roasting On An Open Fire...

...and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, if you live just about anywhere in the US on this arctic-rific Atomic Tuesday!


Today's pick for Atomic Tuesday is so cool, so mid-century modern in it's wackiness, I thought maybe it was just a really, really good repro. But no. It's the real deal and spec-freaking-tacular. It's almost as if the creator of this said "Hey, it's the 1950's! I'm gonna design a print that is so totally 50's, it'll be crazy!" It's kind of like when someone you know recommends going to a diner that "you're just gonna LOVE" because it's "soooo 50's", and then you get there and the place is SCREAMING cliche, with it's checkerboard floors, repro tin signs of I Love Lucy, and a poster of Elvis, Marilyn and James Dean playing pool on the walls. Because that's exactly what real, "Mom and Pop" type diners in the 1950's looked like. And all the people in the diner were talking about how 50's it was of them to be sitting in a diner, drinking milkshakes and playing Buddy Holly on their tabletop jukeboxes. Riiiight. So today's pick is just like that. Only not.

The thing of which I speak:


Awesome, right? First of all, it's PINK, which rules...


...wacky animal wall hangers...Paris print, 'natch...

Photobucket damn, a fiberglass drum floor lamp (?!)...glasses of iced tea in the holder...magazine rack....


....shish kebabs hanging by the fireplace ...zig-zag wrought iron log stand...and a starburst clock?! Are you kidding me?!...

(OK, I want everything in each picture so far...and a house that looks this iconic, all the time...)


...And of COURSE, the standard rooster. Because it was apparently the poultry of choice in interior design from about 1950 to 1970, since they show up EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING. (Well, those and eagles. Just can't escape either one.)

This superb Vintage 50's Quintessential Mid-Century Modern "Interior Scenes" Tablecloth is available for $34 from seller Neato Keen.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Prints Charming Sunday: Love, Exciting And New

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday!


Did today's title get "the Love Boat" theme song stuck in your head? Ha! That is my gift to you. I've been thinking alot about Valentine's Day themed titles for blog posts, and the stinking freaking Love Boat won't leave my brain. Bah! Damn you stupid 1970's awesomely crappy tv shows. Now, normally I'm all about wacky novelty prints from the 40's and 50's. I don't generally "do" novelty prints from the 1970's (it just ain't my bag, baby) but then in an interesting twist of ironic irony, I came across a 1970's novelty print that's so very fitting to go with today's Love Boat era/valentines-y theme that I couldn't not show it off. (Did you enjoy that double negative that I dropped on you just there, grammar nazis? I thought you might.)


Ta-da! So polyester-y. So butterfly collar-y. So...70's. What's that Julie? I'm wanted on the Lido deck for cocktail hour with Captain Stubing and celebrity guest stars Charo and Tom Jones? Be right there! I'm just pulling on my tight-fitting polyester shirt then we'll party hardy until we pass out or dock in Puerto Vallarta, whichever comes first!

(Who me, watch too many classic TV reruns? Never.)

Vintage 70's "Love and Kisses" Novelty Print Shirt is offered by seller Wunderbar Vintage.