Friday, May 16, 2008

Rock This Town

You know how sometimes you tell someone that you'll take them somewhere but then secretly hope they'll forget you said you'd do it? You know how an 8 year old boy never forgets you promised them Really Fun Stuff and it would be The End of All Things if you gypped them out of it? To an 8 year old boy: The circus= Awesome Good Times and Maybe The Lion Will Bite Some Guy's Head Off. To a 31 year old mom: The circus= I'd rather learn to speak archaic Latin and get a full body wax ( possibly at the same time) than go there. So of course that means we're going to the circus. Woohoo! Happy family day! Cole Bros. Circus of the Stars, here we come! But who are these so-called Stars of which you speak? If it's Gary Coleman on a tricycle, it's ON.

The circus is generally more fun in theory than it actually is when you're a grownup and you're jaded to the whole "Step right up for the circus act of a lifetime! See 27 Romanian acrobats spinning by their toenails, all while humming The Star Spangled Banner!" routine. Maybe it's just me (seriously, I can't be the only grumpy grumperton?), but aren't circuses kind of boring and not really entertaining? Waiting in line? Not fun. Being crammed in a hot, supersmelly tent and inevitably being seated next to the Gassy Fat Guy Who Smells Like Onions? Not fun, last time I checked. Witnessing a chain of elephants simultaneously taking a dump, right in front of your very eyes? Again, not so much with the fun. Unless you're an 8 year old boy and then it's called Comedy.

But being a parent means doing these things For The Children and shutting up while your kid goes "Totally awesome!" and "No. WAY!". (Apparently my kid talk likes a 1984 Valley Boy, gag me with a spoon, like REALLY.) I like the IDEA of the circus better than the actually GOING to it, though the popcorn ain't too shabby so we all win after all. So here is something I'd rather look at, not that Sweaty Buttcrack Guy Sitting In The Row In Front of Me isn't a charming site to see, but this will have to take second:

"Really Scary Clown That Eats Children" vintage sweater from daisyfairbanks is made of PURE EVIL GENUIS and I wish I had designed it first.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kick Out The Jams

I'm posting this petition for a few friends of mine~ though I've never been to the Oneida rockabilly weekender personally, it's something worth trying to keep going for a while. Forget about the whales, good music lasts longer.

Let these fools know how much you enjoyed the 50's fest in Oneida (or just let 'em know you care and are not the heartless bastards that I normally love you all for being) and pass this along. Click the link to take you to the petition:

Save the Rockin' 50's Fests Petition

In 2002, Oneida Casino hosted the first Rockin’ 50’s Fest, which included over one hundred acts, primarily rockabilly. Fans from all over the world attended the week long festival. Luckily for the fans, the casino decided to have another festival in 2005. Again, fans from all over the world attended. In 2007, it happened again with a third installment. We, the fans, look forward to these festivals and feel that the Oneida Casino has the perfect venue and hosts one of the best festivals in the world. The festivals give fans an outlet to forget all the problems in the world. Many of us plan a year in advance to see these wonderful showcases of talent. Musicians and fans alike feel that the festival is a family reunion. Not only do you get to see your old friends but make new ones as well. The casino has given us the opportunity to see several musical acts at one show. There are not enough rockabilly related festivals here in the States. In order to keep the music alive and give a proper venue to the younger acts, more festivals need to be created and not limited. Festivals like the Rockin’ 50’s Fest help younger acts broaden their fan base. Also, the acts from the 1950’s are getting older, and we lose a couple every year. Soon there won’t be any left to participate in these festivals. It is important to teach our children and introduce new fans to the music before it is too late. We, the fans, are asking you to please reconsider the idea of not having another festival at the Oneida Casino. Rockabilly needs you. The musicians and fans need you. Thank you for your consideration.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

eVintage Society's Blog Tag Wednesday!

To honor the 10 year anniversary of Frank Sinatra's passing (today), the USPS issued a Sinatra stamp and Turner Classics has been running Sinatra films all month.

I've been tagged by Empress Jade Vintage!

1) Show your favorite Rat Pack look in your inventory (early 60s suit, fedora, tie, cuff links, loop collar shirt.....)

So many choices- one of my all time favorite eras of clothing- especially for the menfolk. But my favorite shirt of the hour would be this swanky 50's/60's number in 2tone rayon and corduroy.

2) Favorite Sinatra song?

The Way You Look Tonight!!! Cliche or not, I have sentimental reasons. That song still gives me butterflies every time I hear it. Awww....

3) Favorite Rat Pack member? (Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr. or Peter Lawford)

I know I'm *supposed* to say Sinatra but popularity-be-damned, Dino always has and always will hold a ridiculous sentimental attachment for me to the guy, above all those other cats. (ha ha, I said "cats" like I'm hep or something.)

4) Best Sinatra "era"? (40s young & skinny, 50s swingin' crooner or 60s Rat Pack suave?)
I love that late 50's to early 60's period best. For music and fashion. Come to think of it, movies too.

5) Favorite Sinatra wife? (Nancy, Ava Gardner, Mia Farrow or Barbra).
Oh hell, the tumultuous Ava era!

6) Been to Vegas, how many times and best Vegas story.

I guess I can talk the talk but can't walk the walk. Whatever THAT means. Never been there. We're planning on it...some day...when I'm awfully low...

Trouble In Tinsel Town

I hate Pennsylvania in the spring. Really, it's quite gross here now. Why am I stabby you ask? You'd be stabby too if you were surrounded by gypsy moth caterpillars. But you're not because apparently The Plague of The Caterpillars is a northeast thing. East siii-eeed represent, dawg. They are EVERYWHERE, hanging from long strands from trees and you can't see them so they dangle on your head and you don't even know it until someone says "Excuse me, but did you know there is a caterpillar larvae in you hair? And also, do you have the time?". There's so many of them around here that you have to steer yourself around their little smooshed carcasses in the parking lot like a scene from Saving Private Ryan. Every 7 years they breed like gangbusters- actually, I made up the 7 years part but I swear there is some kind of urban legend of them hatching every X amount of years... or something...I don't think I'm making that up but I can't be bothered to fact check so let's pretend I know what I'm talking about and this is Very Official Newsbreaking Information.

They're NOT cute, my peeps. They're not mellow hookah-smoking, mushroom-eating, little dudes with British accents who ask you riddles. Just as annoying, though.


They're hairy and they'll cut you and steal your wallet if they had the chance. Ok, so they're harmless to people but overly hairy things are not genetically fit and need to be exiled. So sad Robin Williams, but off you go.

See? SEE?! Not cute! And they don't turn into pretty pink butterflies with bows on their heads but gypsy moths, people. MOTHS. And I'm pretty sure moths aren't so good with the vintage and the eating of said vintage so they must go. If there is a caterpillar trap I would buy many. I can invent one and make a jillion dollars which is precisely what I'll be doing tonight. That or rum and cokes, whichever is easier.


Now this is my idea of what larvae should morph into. Pretty pink butterflies with pink ribbons on a vintage 50's dress. From Calicovintage.

Hookah sold separately.