Friday, March 11, 2011

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: End (Of The World) Tables

Welcome to Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!


Upon waking this morning, I realized the day would play out like a 1950's cheesy sci-fi movie- The Flooded Basement of Doom, starring me and a now-underwater basement. If you haven't heard, the east coast is all doom-and-gloom/end of the world, thanks to a molotov cocktail combo of melting snow and heavy downpours. Joy. Hopefully everyone out there is safe and sound! (Maybe I'll check in tomorrow with a damage report, since there is a mother load of it. Double joy.)

So while I've got this gross wet basement nightmare to deal with for the rest of the day and night, it's only fitting that today's vintage aqua pick also has something to do with water- you know, just not cold, dirty and loaded with germs for the whole family!- this Vintage 50's Aqua & Olive Poolside Tables, available on Etsy from seller Funky Quail Vintage:


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Way-Out Wednesday: Nightmare On *Your* Street

Welcome to an especially terrifying Way-Out Wednesday!


Today's Way-Out Wednesday banner is apropos, given the fact that we're dealing with clowns. Consider THAT your official warning, my friends. I know how much you all love clowns and are not all terrified by them. In fact, I'm sure you'd like it if every day was "scary-as-hell clown day" wouldn't you? Ha! I'm just kidding, simmer down there clownophobes, no need to panic. Yet.


Now you should panic. This is on a nightgown, people.


You heard me. A. Nightgown. What sort of lunatic nutbag thought these guys would be awesome to put on something that should, for it's very purpose in life, NOT give you nightmares?! If no one has hunted down the creator of this nightmare-inducer like the swine pig psycho that he is, someone should. Now.

Vintage 80's Scary Clown Nightgown is currently available on Etsy from seller Diane's Closet, for $10. A meager price to pay for a most excellently devious gift to give to your mother-in-law, thin-as-a-rail friend who can eat a can of lard and not gain weight, the neighbor whose dog insists on using your yard as it's personal toilet, or anyone else you hate.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Prints Charming Sunday: Fox Trot

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday!


Usually I pick out something more...what's the (?)... for our weekly themes, but today's vintage novelty print is so charming I had to show you guys! It's this really cute Vintage 40's Dancing Foxes Novelty Print Silk Scarf, available on Etsy from seller Loulou's Vintage:


I like that they look slightly sinister, like they can't wait for the song to be over so they can get to sabotaging each other. I wish I knew how to properly rock a scarf, so I could be all over this. I bet it'd look equally as cool if it were framed though, don'tcha think? (Also: how, precisely, does one spell "don'tcha"? Because that looks incredibly stupid and wrong.)