Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Way-Out Wednesday: Gator Done!

(I bet only my peeps from the south will understand the pun-iness of today's title. And fans of Larry the Cable Guy. Or Nascar. To everyone else: I swear, it's not gibberish. And it's hilarious. I swear.)

Anyway, welcome to a better-late-than-never Way-Out Wednesday!


Now, let me preface this by saying I can't/won't/am too hungover to/or don't care enough to validate the authenticity of today's vintage pick. I have *no* idea if it's real, I don't know the seller from a hole in the ground or more importantly, if it's worth the crazy-ass price tag that goes with it. But I do know it's pretty crazy-ass in general and also weird and wonderful and freak show cool, so that, my friends, is worth all the money in the world! (Well, no. It's not. Like, at all. But the sentiment sure sounded nice, didn't it?)

I present to you, Gator Girl:


Why yes, it (allegedly) IS a Vintage 30's Ripley's Believe It or Not Sideshow Poster, thanks for asking.

If you ask me, the gator (oh, sorry, croc) mugging in the background is the show. He should be wearing a tiny top hat and a monocle. And smoking a cigar. And Gator Girl should have an eye patch, like a pirate. With a lizard hanging out of her mouth. And missing a tooth or 2. Then it would rule.