Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tag, I'm It!


I've been tagged by my wonderful friend Ms De Vil and given this blog badge of honor! No one seems to know what the deal is with the Honest Scrap sign or what it means exactly. Other than if you get tagged with it, it means you're awesome. (I made that part up, but seems pretty spot-on.)

Now that I've been tagged, I have to link back to the person who gave it me and list 10 facts about myself. Then I pass it along (ie: tag!) to 5 fellow bloggers who continue onward, copying the badge to their blog, linking back to me, posting 10 things about themselves, so on and so forth, if they want to join the fun! (And they WILL, if they know what's good for 'em.) Hopefully one or 2 of you will play.

So. 10 especially random things about me:

1.) My fingertips are "double jointed" and I can bend the tips up almost 90 degrees while my hands are flat on the table.

2.) I was born with deep brown eyes but they've been continually fading over the years to dark green now, with no explanation from doctors.

3.) I wear vintage clothing and/or accessories every day and own more vintage cardigans than god. (Assuming he's a sweater man.)

4.) I have no middle name. Crazy hippie parents.

5.) I collect many things, but obsessively collect anything that's vintage 50's original pink. My prize possession is my 50's pink Sylvania Duelette TV!

5.) I've never won anything, not even a scratch-off lottery ticket.

6.) I lived in England by myself for months while I took art history classes.

7.) Swedish fish make me leap with joy.

7.) I hate the word "goodies" and "sleuthing". Like fingers on a chalkboard.

8.) I'm happiest when it's grey and cloudy outside.

9.) I'm an anglophile at heart and love all things Celtic/Irish/UK/Medieval, etc.

10.) I hate cats. Sorry, but I do.

Here are 5 blogs I recommend, all great for different reasons, and let me say picking only 5 was not easy! If you're not on the list this time around, please don't be hurt or offended! I hope to give everyone a shout-out at some point. So in no particular order, I suggest:

*Sugar & Spice

*Radiation Cinema

*Welcome to Deluxeville

*All She Wants To Do Is Rock

*97 Things To Do Before I Turn 97

Friday, July 17, 2009

My (Aqua) Blue Heaven Friday- Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio?


Welcome, my delicious peeps, to another (Aqua) Blue Heaven Friday! This week's theme is the vintage 50's/60's aqua blue radio! Normally I'd be all "sweet!" and "fark yeah!" and "zounds!" ("zounds"? I dunno, just roll with it) only because I thought fer sure that finding aqua radios would be as easy as falling off a log (apparently I'm 80 and a cast member of Little House on the Prairie today), but no! Would you believe that throughout all of the internets there are but a few aqua radios? What's the dealio? Just a few years/months/weeks ago (I can't be specific, sorry, but I can't even remember what I did yesterday, so how can you expect me to recall when and where I saw a vintage radio in the past year?) it seemed like you couldn't swing a bag full of cats without running into one. Now, the pickin's are gettin' slim. Like finding a good man. Or a good pair of stretchy pants.

So it is with a great sadness and heavy heart (not really, I'm just hungry and it makes me dramatic and carry on with inner dialogues like this one right here) that I could only present 3 aqua radios, however they do kick much ass. If you're in the market for a vintage aqua radio, may I suggest you hop on it soon, because for some reason they're not an easy find. Or maybe it's just a bad week for them and there's really a plethora of them out there still and I don't know what I'm talking about, which could very well be, but let's just pretend there's an Aqua Radio Pandemic anyway, for dramatic effect.


Vintage 60's Realtone Clock Radio. It has "Telechron Movement" and is called a "Realtone Solid State"- I have no idea what it all means but the atomic age sure had a way of making things sound important. Also I should mention that the radio is only AM. No FM for you!


Vintage 50's Random Aqua Radio. There's no mention of a maker and this might be vital information: the cord's been cut off, which may be slightly important. It's still way rad looking, though. Broken crap needs love too, you know. So unless you know how to fix it (you tech nerd!), it's pretty much only good for sitting around like eye candy, looking cool and being awesome. You know, like moi. (Super nerd!)


Vintage 50's Emerson Restored Clock Radio. Also no FM for you! But it does have an external timer so you can plug in your coffee pot to the radio, which is kinda weird, come to think of it...or set the timer to...well, I can't really think of anything else that would necessitate a timer. Use your imagination.

"Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio? by the Ramones.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: Cry, Cry, Cry


Welcome to this very..."special?"...well, that's not it exactly...more like "creepy"..."disturbing"...and "not kosher" edition of Way-Out Wednesday. I didn't pick out a mass collection-o-things today, no groups of fugly/awesome vintage crap with a theme. No, today is an extra special day, a day full of sadness, despair and woe, for I may have found *thee* most depressing and wrist-slashingest toy for little girls. I give you: Little Miss No Name:


??? WHAT...??? THE...??? HELL...??? Is she an orphan? Rail-riding hobo? Why is she wearing burlap? What happened to the whites of her eyes? Is she a zombie? Is she looking for a handout? A subway token? Does she need a quarter so she can call someone who cares? Is she feeling funky with her bad self and looking for someone to "slip her some skin"? Does she want you to read her palm? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, DIRTY LITTLE STREET URCHIN? WHAT DO YOU WANT?! FOR THE LOVE OF A SANDWICH, TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME! ...... You know what? Fine. Don't tell me. I don't care. You can be a classically-trained performance artist student from Juilliard playing an 18-year old hooker for all I care. That is just so typical of today's youth, looking for someone to just give them money, not working for anything they've got, spoiled rotten trust fund jerks. I'm glad I didn't give her a sandwich after all. The joke's on YOU, hungry orphan! Good day to you. I SAID GOOD DAY TO YOU.

Let's get a closeup of little Mary Kate's hobo face, shall we?:


Nice tear, Cry Baby. Where'd you get that, prison?

You know, I would love to meet the super genius who invented this. Did he walk into a meeting one day and pitch this great idea of a doll that's been abandoned by her parents and left to fend for herself on the mean city streets wearing nothing but a potato sack for clothing?:

"I got a feeling about this one, Mr. Big. Trust ol' Marty, I wouldn't let you down again, not after last month's bomb: "Suicide Susie." Little girls will love this doll. They can relate. I don't have a name picked out for it yet, but so what, kids don't care about catchy name. I obviously know kids. Just call her...Little Miss No Name. That'll do. It's a sure-fire hit. It'll give those Cabbage Patch bastards a run for their money. What could go wrong?"

This was an actual doll released by Hasbro in '65, and I'm sure you'll be surprised to know it wasn't produced long. Shocking. Also weird is that it stands 15 inches tall! I imagined her being a wee little waif, but no. She's a BIG ol' sad thing. I wonder: does anyone remember Little Miss No Name? (And yes, that really is what the doll is called.) I rather like it, but then again, I like creepy things... that may come to life in the middle of the night, climb down off its shelf and kill you in your sleep. Now that I think of it, no wonder her parents abandoned her. I'm onto you! Foiled again, Little Miss No Name!

"Cry, Cry, Cry" by Johnny Cash.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: Time After Time


Welcome to another Atomic Tuesday! Today's theme is all about time~ the not having enough of it, the how fast it passes you by, the "holy crap, how is it the middle of July already, more than half of the year is over, dude you'll never believe that I bought my first Xmas present for someone already, and my birthday is creeping up closer and closer, hot damn I'm getting old, oh dear god make it stop, WHY WON'T YOU MAKE IT STOP?!" Yeah. Time. It's not on your side. And I'm not a fan.

So without wasting any more of this precious commodity, I give you this week's Atomic Tuesday time theme~ a must-have staple of any mid-century modern home decor, a little cliche but a whole lot of cool: the vintage 50's/60's starburst clock!


Vintage Ingraham Electric Starburst Clock. Comes with its original box, too!


If silver is more your speed, then how's about this Vintage Ingraham Starburst Clock? (It's just like the one above only this one is battery-run.)


Cutesy Vintage Lux Flowerburst Clock, for those who prefer their decor to be on the girlie side!


Vintage United Clock. I love the font of the numbers on this one! They remind me of graphics you'd see in old school bowling alleys from the 50's and 60's. (Ps: I have no idea if calling the style of numbers a "font" is correct. What DO you call it? Whatever. You know what I mean. Right? Right.)


Vintage German-Designed Clock. At first I thought this was heading into shabby chic hell- you know, all sorts of white with that old timey wrought iron garden gate-esque look, but then the more I looked at it, the more those super spikes grew on me and the more my mind wandered into Vlad the Impaler territory, somehow, and now I rather love it. Don't ask. It's just how this mind works.


Vintage United Battery-Run Clock. This one has me perplexed. I do love the circle-y loops at the end of each spike, but I'm not sure how I feel about the scrolly gold leaf design. Clock design shouldn't cause confusion, should it? I'm torn, sad little starburst clock. I want to love you, but you're borderline tacky. Then again, aren't we all? Ok, I'm not mad at you anymore, clock. We're cool.

"Time After Time" by Cyndi Lauper

Monday, July 13, 2009

Love and Marriage


"Oh, Patty? It's Tuesday night, you know what that means! It's "push the beds together night"!

"Riiight. About that. Not tonight, Ted, I have a headache. I'm tired. It's that time of the month. The meatloaf is burning. I'm playing bridge with the girls. I have to wash my hair. My nails are still wet. I have a Tupperware party to throw. The Valium is kicking in. I have post traumatic stress disorder...."

"Oh, really? Again, dear? Fine. I'll just take this copy of Jugs-- I mean "Popular Mechanics" down to the basement with me. I'll be down there for a while SO DON'T GO DOWN THERE AND CHECK IN ON ME!! What I mean is, you just get your beauty sleep dear, while I do... uhh... manly things. Right-o! Manly things! I'll be mowing the lawn. Changing the oil in the Hudson. Taking garbage cans to the curb. Meeting the boys for golf. Doing the taxes. Balancing the checkbook. Working on that darn Anderson account. Making beef jerky. Painting the rumpus room. Killing spiders. Just DON'T GO DOWN THERE AND CHECK IN ON ME."

"Golly gee, it sounds like you have a busy night, Ted. Well...goodnight."

"Shucks, I sure do, Patty! Enjoy that Valium....'Night."

"Love and Marriage" by Sinatra.