Friday, July 31, 2009

My (Aqua) Blue Heaven Friday~ Call Me


Welcome to today's Aqua Blue Heaven! (Today's post will be short & sweet, due to something called a "Henry. Henry is our new dust mop of a puppy who happens to be a glorious little freak show & requires mucho attention. I'm not a fan of needy people, let alone needy critters, but he's so cute I could eat his face right off, so he gets a pass on being an attention-seeking fuzzbucket. More about him later.)

Today's theme is the vintage 50's aqua telephone. And the crowd goes "Ooooo." What a delight! Alas, not too many out there, much like the vintage aqua radios from last week's post, so I hope you enjoy today's bizarro mix of vintage picks!


Vintage 60's Bell Telephone Aqua Keychain Promo


Red Screenprinted 50's Phone Aqua Tee Shirt. Yeah, it's not vintage, but it's cute, so whatevs. The seller can make it in a different color and sizes, too. I love mix-and-matching vintage with modern, so I'd rock this tee with some cuffed jeans and a vintage beaded cardigan over it. Cute!


Vintage 60's Aqua Rotary Phone. Now that's what I'm talking about. Willis.


Vintage See-A-Dial Rhinestone Rotary Dial Cover. I would like to know why I wasn't informed that such a beast existed? Did you? What a fabulously kitschy and unnecessary thing to own! Had I know I could have been bedazzling the crap outta my phone, I would have started years ago! Bedazzling is my god-given right and you will have to pry my Bedazzler from my cold, dead hands before I give it up!...Wait. What was I talking about? I get so distracted and feisty when it comes to beads and rhinestones and useless plastic things to covet. Carry on.

"Call Me" by Blondie.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rock A Hula Baby

There's nothing like a vintage tropical print maxi to rock the summer. From vibrant hues to kicky details to bold, jaw-dropping prints~ Fast Eddie's Retro Rags does Hawaii. (Oh yeah. of course I went there.) As you probably figured out by now, I'm usually not a fan of the 1970s or the fashions of the era. But sometimes, once in a blue moon and depending if I'm drunk enough, something about 70's vintage knocks my socks off, and these maxi dresses do just that. I am now sockless.

I should clarify, I loathe 70's hippie fashion. I adore eccentric fashionista 70's fashion. Picture this: Miami. 1970's. Bleach blonde hostess named Dixie in her mid 40's throwing a cocaine-and-booze-soaked party, mambo on the hifi, leathery tanned skin, gold jewelry dripping off of her, teetering around in suede platforms, martini in one hand, cigarette in the other, flirting with the waiters and cabana boys. Like Magda on "There's Something About Mary". That's the 70's style I love. Is that clear now? I thought not.

Anyway. Each picture and link is clickable to the listing, should you also weirdly covet maxi dresses in a way you never though possible.

RED HOT HIBISCUS Long & Lean Cotton Maxi Dress

BELL SLEEVE Vintage STAN HICKS Empire Ribbon Hawaiian Maxi Dress

PAKE MUU Vintage CUTOUT SLEEVES Hawaiian Maxi Dress


This one especially murders me. It's silk chiffon, has a tomato and flower novelty print (zuh?) and these incredible, floor-length sheer split sleeves that you can wear down as in the picture, or tied to the back, so your arms are exposed. Sigh. So dreamy. Pass me a rum and coke.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: 16 Tons


Welcome to this week's Way-Out Wednesday! Today's theme is inspired by a conversation with an old neighbor lady remembering "the good old days" of being a little girl, when times were tough (alot like now) and money was tight (alot like now) and her parents were out of work (alot like now) and they buried their money in old food cans in the backyard. (!) Many folks didn't believe in/trust the banks, so they buried their money in the ground or hid it around the house in unsuspecting places that potential robbers wouldn't find. The old "money in the mattress" trick we often see in movies or in old cartoons was tried-and-true. Cliche, but true. (Note to self: Buy shovel. Start digging.)

So today's theme is inspired by money. The lack of having it, the needing it most when you have the least, the saving every last penny of it for a rainy day. So today, I give you the vintage bank, Way-Out Wednesday style!

ems money

This Vintage 60's Hobo Bank certainly represents the down and out in Beverly Hills everywhere. It would be funny if it wasn't so true. When you see the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and Rachel Ashwell riding in on their clashing-but-cutesy plaid and rose print horses, it's game over, man. Turns out, our worst nightmares will come to fruition: shabby chic will rule the universe.


Vintage 60's Devil Bank. I think he's after Rachel Ashwell.


Holy moses, this guy rules. This is what I would look like if I was a male ceramic decapitated bank from 1962. I know you've been wondering. Vintage 60's Cuss Bank.


...?...I have no idea...I mean, what the hell...?...If Bert from Sesame Street and Julia Roberts and a pear mated they would create this abomination? Vintage...Smiley Guy...?...Bank.

"16 Tons" by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: Girls Just Want To Have Lunch


Welcome to this week's Atomic Tuesday! I recently bought a vintage napkin holder- aqua plastic with silver starbursts on it (I know! Could you die of awesome?!) and while tooling around online I found the exact same one, except in white. Sweet. Ok, so it's not exactly the same. Boo! But come on, a starburst-y napkin holder kicks all kinds of ass no matter what color it is, am I right? Sweet. So that inspired me to find more napkin-y goodness. Sadly, there is not what I would call a plethora of them out there. Boo! But I did find a couple pretty cool ones, so I bring you: the vintage napkin holder. And we're back to sweet.

(And PS: "Girls Just want to Have Lunch" is the closest song I could find that was even remotely related to today's theme. Try to find a song about napkins. There are none! Songwriters of the world, what gives, you slackers?! Please don't negate our forgotten household accessories. They play a vital role in kitchen maintenance and deserve our love and respect. This has been a Public Service Announcement from The Girl Can't Help It.)


Vintage 50's Atomic Starburst Napkin Holder. This is the one! This is exactly like the one I just bought myself! I want this one too. Don't needs it, wants it...wants the preciousssss...(if anyone gets that reference, welcome to the Nerd Club I'm not starting!)


Vintage Gold Metal Napkin Holder. A star and a little atomic starburst at the same? Won't the world come to an end as we know it? Like if Clark Kent and Superman showed up at the same place at the same time. Impossible, yes. Exactly my point. (What?)

"Girls Just Want To Have Lunch” by Weird Al Yankovic, of course.

Monday, July 27, 2009

And The Winner Is...

...Of the Vintage Giveaway contest (remember? the olive green polka dotty cocktail shaker? you didn't forget already did you?)...

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein! Huzzah, guv'na! (..yeeeah, no idea where that came from, man. How embarrassing. Nerdy McNerdsville calling.)

Monkey, you can drop me an email or you can leave me a comment here with your name & shipping address info and I'll get that ding dang shaker off to you ASAP! (Of course, if you leave a comment with your personal info, I won't post it!)

As always thanks to everyone, old friends and brand spanky new ones, who did me a solid and played along! Without you guys, I am nothing. You are the wind beneath my....ehh, fugeddaboudit. Tune in next month, where I'll be rolling along with the vintage cocktail theme of vintage summer giveaways! Starting September, we'll start heading into a whole different angle of the seasonal vintage giveaways! Something more...autumn-y, perhaps? What could be something suitable that's vintage and also fits into the autumn theme? (Whatever. Why am I freaking over this now? I have issues, apparently.)

Anyway, thank you guys so much again! You make this fun! And tipsy.