Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Way-Out Wednesday: Come On Baby! Let's Do The Hypno-Twist!

Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday!


Exercise, shmexercise. I've gotten so bored with my daily exercise routine lately, I could fall asleep on the treadmill. I sure wish there was some sort of new-fangled contraption out there to make working out fun again. Fun- and hep. Something that combines my love of Chubby Checker AND precariously gripping onto a lazy susan for dear life before inevitably losing my balance and plunging head-first to the floor in a predictably ugly broken hip accident.

Well now there is!


Ever since I discovered the Hypno-Twist, I spend less time on the treadmill, and more time in the hospital! Thanks, Hypno-Twist!


(See? It really IS basically a lazy susan-- but with polka dots. That makes all the difference.)

Vintage 60's Hypno-Twist Family Exerciser Exercise Disc (and dig that supremely cool packaging! Squee!) is currently available on Etsy from Vintage FanAttic.