Friday, September 25, 2009

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: Devil With An (Aqua) Blue Dress


I can't believe it's already, what, 5:00 and I almost forgot about Aqua Blue Heaven Friday! Short and sweet, shall we?

Though summer is SO 3 days ago, there's still a handful of sunny and warm-ish days to cash in on, so why not with charming 50's frocks? I thought you'd agree. I haven't done pretty little dresses in a while, so onward!


Vintage 50's Strappy Silk Dress from Blue Velvet Vintage.


Vintage 50's Aqua Flowers Dress.


Vintage 50's Halter Sundress from Viva Vintage Clothing.


Vintage 50's GLOBE Novelty Print Dress from Dear Golden.


Vintage 50's Mid-Century Modern Atomic Print Dress from Fast Eddie's Retro Rags.


Vintage 50's LEAVES IN A STREAM Novelty Print Dress from Fast Eddie's Retro Rags.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: Your Feet's Too Big


Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday! Just yesterday I was waxing poetic (not really) about Autumn and how do I love it, let me count the ways. But one major reason for the kickassery of Fall that I forgot to mention is this: no more open-toed shoes! (Said in my best Joan Crawford voice.) No more sandals! No more flip-flops! No more Birkenstocks! No more Crocs! What I'm getting at: no more FEET.

Loathsome creatures, feet. I'll never understand the foot fetish crowd, really, picking out the grossest part of the body next to, say, the lower intestine, and worshipping it is beyond my imagination. I can't think about it any more. I mean, ick...must go to a happy place...go to a happy place...unicorns and rainbows...unicorns and rainbows...

So what- *gulp*- joy it was, looking for vintage foot-related items to best express the lovely, lovely foot theme of the day. I did find 2 great specimens ("specimens"- can I make today any more disgusting? Why yes, I believe I can. In fact, you KNOW I can. Let's move on instead.) It's not that these 2 items of the day are bad, in fact, they are quite kitschy, it's most Way-Out Wednesday treats, I have to wonder why such things even get made. ? At any rate, I'm sure I'm the black sheep here with my hatred-o-feets, so perhaps you all won't find these to be horrors. In which case, "enjoy". And I totally say that with air quotes. And jazz hands. Always with jazz hands. But not happy feet.


Vintage Plastic Foot Charms. Ok, really? Are severed feet ever a good idea for charm bracelets? (I must admit, I do rather like the idea.) But still. All I know is that whichever employee of Miss Chang's House of Nails painted those toes should be bludgeoned.


Vintage Souvenir Feet Salt & Pepper Shakers. Ha-ha, Oregon: you smell! (But have such lovely painted nails.) Can you imagine, your friend goes on vacation, comes back and hands you these. "Hey, buddy! Look what reminded me of you when I was in Oregon!" ...These make me think of the movie Saw. Yep. Think about it for a second. You're welcome.

"Your Feet's Too Big" by Fats Waller.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The First Day Of Autumn: A Vintage Giveaway!

I live for Autumn, being my all-time favorite season, and I seem to get a little bit happier this time of year, straight on to the first dusting of snow. Then I change back to being Gargamel. I smile on the inside a little bit more, but you probably won't see any difference in my usual sparkling, chipper and upbeat personality. (I said I'm sparkling, dammit!) It's not that I'm an unhappy person by any means. It's just that I'm a true Scorpio and we're not impressed by much. Or show emotions. Or act human.

The slow change of color on trees, apple cider, pumpkins, no more mowing the grass are just a few of the things I adore about fall. And I love being able to rock cardigans again. Oh baby, do I love me some cardigans! You may recall me mentioning that vintage cardigans are one of the things that I actually strive to collect. Hoard, really.

To celebrate this rare good mood of mine and giant display of emotion (yeah, this is considered a giant display), it's time for a vintage giveaway! What better way to rock the first day of fall than with a vintage sweater! This was given to me by a dear friend and fellow vintage seller who knows my obsession well, and now I can do someone else a solid!

This is a vintage 50's/60's wool & angora blend button-down with intarsia knit pink & green diamonds! (SWOON.) The hangup is that it has many repairs done to it thanks to moth chomps & random chomps that haven't been fixed. Professionally speaking, it's not resellable, at least I would never, but if you want to, be my guest. It's perfectly wearable and still an adorable sweater for Autumn!





If you'd like to be entered in this vintage giveaway, you can either leave a comment here or drop me an email. Everyone is welcome, from anyplace in the galaxy! It's totally free and your personal info will be kept private. A winner's name will be picked randomly next Tuesday. Enjoy!

Atomic Tuesday: We Got The Beat

Hey there, kids! It's Atomic Tuesday once again!


There's no real "theme" today and there's only just one atomic-y treat I found, but it's a fun one! As you've all read a jillion times, wearing vintage and collecting vintage "things" is considered "green". (I'm sorry, but it's a term I loathe and I don't apologise for it.) Keep it out of the landfill, think of the children, save the whales, and all that crap. Nonetheless, I think most of us wear and collect vintage stuff not for the sake of being "green" and saving the earth but because, among other reasons, it's just so damn cool. AmIrightoramIright? Well today's vintage find does both: it's upcycling broken-down, vintage bits & pieces that would otherwise be considered junk and it's stylin'. And yes, I did just say "stylin'" because apparently it's 1990.

Behold, the Vintage Eggbeaters-Turned-Atomic Clock:


Is it not, in fact, stylin'?! I find it especially cool. It would only really work in a kitchen I think, but if you wanted to put it over your mantel, then have at it, what do I care. It would also rock in a little cafe or coffee shop, because I know there are so many of you who own cafes and coffee shops, and all. But you get my point. The seller will even make the clock a different color for you! I'm sure it'll look slightly different than the one in the picture, depending on the vintage eggbeater parts at hand. Add this to the "why didn't I think of this?" file!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

All The Single Ladies? All The Single Ladies!

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip...


Blue: "This Single Ladies Past A Certain Age Boat Trip was a swell idea! A 3 hour tour around an uncharted desert isle with a cast of sexy men that in any real-life situation would be considered untouchable losers? Sign ME up, girlfriend... And who is that tall drink of water with the big shnoz? I call dibs on the skinny one with the nerdy bucket hat! What's his job on the boat, exactly?"

Red: "I think he's in charge of lousing shit up and ruining all attempts of rescue missions. You know, things like shorting out the coconut cream pie walkie talkies and somehow sinking the otherwise-unsinkable homemade bamboo raft that's been held together using 7 years worth of hair clippings. And he's the only one who's capable of getting everyone tied up in a pot of boiling water by the Angry Cannibal Natives that live on the other side of the island, so he's got that going for him."

Blue: "He sounds perfect! You know me: I like 'em long, lean and borderline retarded."

Red: "He's all yours, sweetheart. Now let's see, what piece of man-meat will I be calling mine for the day...Oh sweet merciful crap. Bingo! Break me off a piece of that! I call dibs on the portly, red-nosed one they call the Skipper. You know me: I like 'em fat, angry and borderline abusive."

Many thanks to Bonton Vintage for offering the vintage 50's McCall pattern-o-inspiration!

Summertime Rolls

Goodbye summer, hellooo autumn! Fast Eddie's Retro Rags is running an end-of-summer sale, with many items marked down 30% in the Etsy shop. (Just search "SALE" for the items!)