Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Way-Out Wednesday: Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday!


I'm sure by now most of you have heard the sad news of Elizabeth Taylor's passing. Fashion icon, style maven, Hollywood royalty, all-around goddess. But I'm not gonna dwell on the sad. You know how I roll when it comes to dealing with hard times or sadness or those pesky things humans called "emotions"- I lighten the mood with something out of the ordinary. Well, "out of the ordinary" might be too vague. I actually should say ghastly. So I guess the mood won't be so light after all. Hmm. At any rate, feast your eyes upon the crazy:


It's a baby. Sewn into the corner of a handkerchief. For no apparent reason other than to to torture the recipient of this special "gift" with night terrors.

Ok, I *get* that it's probably a baby shower thing, like a favor or something. But I mean, really. REALLY?!


Don't get me wrong, I freaking worship this thing. Creepy doll parts = eternal awesome. But as a party favor for the impending birth of a human? Not so much. However, the flip side of this hankie pretty much rules:


Bottoms up!

Vintage Pink Baby Crochet Handkerchief Plastic Toy Hankie is currently available to torture a loved one from Etsy seller Daisy Fairbanks.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Prints Charming Sunday: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday!

Hot jumping jebus on a griddle, it's the first day of spring. Can you even stand it? I can't. I'm besides myself with jubilation and gid. Can you not tell? Seriously though, I'm just so glad snow and ice and flood-y basements are done and over with! Gone are overpriced shovels and cracked plastic ice scrapers and salty boots. Except... we have snow in the forecast here in the northeast for the week, so that sort of blows the whole shiny happy vibe to hell in a hand basket, doesn't it? But damn the snow, notwithstanding, it's spring nonetheless!*

To celebrate** this here first day-o-spring, I present to you this biblically fabulous Vintage 50's Garden of Eden Novelty Print Dress, currently available on Etsy from seller Revolving Styles:



It's not the greatest closeup, but can you see it's a scene of a nudie Adam & Eve with the snake lurking in the tree? Cute! Tree-hugging streakers and a suggestive, phallic reptile? Sounds about right. It must be spring.

* Side note, part 1: I've been wanting to drop schmancy words like "nonetheless" and "notwithstanding" on y'all for a while now. Impressed? I figured.

** Side note, part deux: who exactly literally celebrates the first day of spring? (Or the first day of anything for that matter.) Pagans? Ancestral witches? Ancient druids? Celtic warlocks? I must know who you season revelers are! I'll wait.