Friday, November 27, 2009

Aqua Blue and Black Friday

Welcome to a special edition of Aqua Blue Heaven Friday~ Aqua Blue and Black Friday, where this week's vintage picks aren't just aqua, they're aqua and black. AND on Black Friday. Eh? Eh? Always on my toes, right? Groundbreaking stuff here, I know. Hey, what do you people expect from me, rocket science? It's the day after Thanksgiving, speeding towards Christmas and I'm spread thinner than Joan Crawford's face. Hey-yo!

So without further...whatever, there's no time for the pleasantries. There's spiked eggnog just waiting for someone to come along and befriend it, and that may as well be me. So let's get to the aqua & black, already!

Vintage 50's/60's Aqua & Black Electric Mixer (from Tialey Vintage)

Vintage 50's Aqua & Black Plaid Aladdin Thermos (from vintagebutterfly94)

Vintage 50's/60's Aqua & Black Leaf David Douglas Carafe (from Tracy Ann's)

Vintage 50's Aqua & Black Stripe Circle Skirt (from Erstwhile Vintage)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey/Turducken/Tofurky Day!

To all my American friends: Happy Thanksgiving! To everyone outside of the US: Happy...Random...Thursday? Whatever. I wish you all a wonderful day with your friends and family, as dysfunction-free as possible. Don't forget the Advil.

I will leave you with some fun facts- do with them what you will: Did you know that November is National Peanut Butter Lovers Month? And National Pomegranate Month? And National Impotency Month? It's always nuts and fruits and wangs around here, isn't it?

Have a swell day, everyone!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: Low Elf Esteem

Today marks the first edition of "Way-Out Wednesday: Holiday Horrors." Woohoo! Huzzah! Rapture! Actually, I just made that up, just now. I'm not entirely sure I can do a whole month of Christmas/Hanukkah/whateverthehell holiday themes for Way-Out Wednesdays, but I sure as shootin' am gonna try. On with the holiday massacre...

You know how you're always asking me: "What do you suppose it would look like if you crossed Pinocchio, with Shari Lewis (and Lambchop), with Captain Spock, with Tammy Faye Baker, with an order of haggis, with Debra Messing, with Michael Flatley, with a box of Lucky Charms, with Robin Williams, with a pocket-sized vibrator, with your Grandma's homemade afghan from 1970, with a handful of Danny Partridge's chest hair, with Legolas from Lord of the Rings, with a pint of Guinness, and with a marching band nerd?"

I would say unto you: "This, bitches":

Aww. Cute, right? Sweet little festive elf type...critter...of some sort...bringing holiday cheer and goodwill to men or whatever it is elves such as this do. But let's get a closer look:

Oh sweet jebus. Scared. Holiday joy gone. Do not want Christmas. Santa bad. Closet good. Go to happy place. Unicorns and rainbows, unicorns and rainbows, unicorns and rainbows...

Many thanks to Art*Deco*Dame for being a sport and providing this super kitschy, super cool Vintage Crochet Christmas Elf, currently for sale in her Etsy shop!

Atomic Tuesday: A Spring! A Spring! A Marvelous Thing!

If you're, say, under the age of 30 you'll probably think I've lost it completely. To everyone else, I'm sure you already know that line in the title of today's blog is part of the lyrics to the Slinky commercial! What does that have to do with anything? Well, today's Atomic Tuesday vintage pick reminds me of a Slinky... like a boing-y spring...Sooo...I guess it really has nothing to do with an actual Slinky itself, per se. Super. Please ignore the fact that I failed at making a complete and sensical segue and enjoy today's Atomic Tuesday vintage pick-o-awesomeness:

Can you guess what it is?! Of course you can't. It's actually a whole lot of this:

It's 5+ Yards of Vintage 50's Grosgrain Ribbon, in pink (joy!) with a crazy, atomic spring action going on (double joy!).

All this pink love (sounds filthy, no? No? So it's just me then with a problem?) can be purchased from Vintage Tramp (excellent name!) on Etsy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Knits Wits, Part 4: Baby's First Hangover

"That meshugana Hymie. When he said "let's got out for a bottle" last night, I though he meant milk, not Manischewitz. I don't mean to kvetch, but is it just me or is the room spinning faster than a dreidel? Oy vey, my aching head."

(Thanks to Kaiboo, for offering this charming vintage 80's sweater pattern for sale on Etsy!)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prints Charming Sunday: A-B-C, Easy As 1-2-3, Or Simple As Do-Re-Mi

(I bet you have that Jackson 5 song stuck in your head now, right? Ha! Me too. I'm sharing the torture this morning. You know I like to give, and all. You're welcome, I'm sure.)

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday! Today's super ginchy pick is this way cute Vintage 60's Alphabet Novelty Print New Old Stock Blouse, currently for sale by MySweetiePiePie:

The font is even Old English, so you know who'd really dig it? The misled rockabilly types who get, like, "Rockabilly Rules" tattooed on their necks or to the wanna-be gangstas who need the world to know what a hard knock life they lead with "Thug Fo' Evah" scrawled across their gut. You know, the badasses.