Saturday, December 12, 2009

Prints Charming Sunday: Pine For It

For this Prints Charming Sunday, get a load of this Vintage 40's Pinecone Novelty Print Rayon Dress.

It's such a perfect print for the season! Could you not just die from awesomeness?! Or at least get temporarily paralyzed? I could! Then again, I could get paralyzed by a bag of Fritos and a Cherry Coke.

The dress is currently available from my amiga Maggie of Denisebrain. Not only does Maggie consistently offer top-notch vintage, but she's donating 25% of the final sale price of this dress to Conservation Northwest, an organization that protects and preserves forests along the Washington state coast. And as much you guys know I slag on greenies and, like, people with causes or whatever, I'll always support wildlife conservation and give props when props are due! Even if you are a treehugger, Maggie. ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: The Wreath Of Khan.

Welcome to Aqua Blue Heaven Friday! In keeping with the holiday theme around here, this friday's pick-o-aqua splendor is one of my most favorites so far this xmas- the wreath. But no ordinary, boring-ass, traditional, humdrum wreath. These are full of space-agey, clever, atomic-ish, creative, retrotastic, cosmic, unconventional goodness! (That's a little much, I know. Just roll with it.)

All of these wreaths are homemade by crafty bitches on Etsy, and they are fanTAStic. (See how I even showed the emphasis on "fantastic"? That's how you know I'm serious.) Most of these wreaths use upcycled vintage bits & pieces, like glass ornaments & aluminum stars. An ingenious idea, really, to use all those Shiny Brites sitting around that might be scratched up, and all those kitschy/tacky vintage Xmas plastic figurines and whatnot. Hell, I've literally got cases of Shiny Brites to use up. Such a simple idea, yet so cool! (I'm SO stealing this idea this winter, when stuck inside, you'll see!)


Green Peacock Feather Wreath.

Crepe Paper Flowers Wreath.

Tinsel Wreath with Presents & Pinecones.

Pink Tinsel & Vintage Ornaments Wreath.

Vintage Bottle Brush Wreath with Deer.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: Bad Santa.

Disgruntled Santa left you a little something.

But you don't want the gift Disgruntled Santa dropped down the chimney this year Trust me. You really don't want it.

(Vintage Santa in Chimney Ornament is currently for sale from Vintagegoodies.)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: The How-To's On Decking The Halls

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday! I found this great Vintage 50's Christmas Idea Book on Etsy and had to share. Mostly I'm in love with the atomic starbursts on the cover and the 3tone colors (green, pink, silver? win!):

...but also it makes me wonder if anyone even buys Christmas decorating books anymore? Is there even such a thing in the new book market? It makes me sad that this little book, chock full of marvelous (I'm assuming) holiday decorating ideas, has become a dinosaur in the technology age. What sort of ideas, you ask? With this book, you can learn how to...

...stick balls in wreaths. Ta-da! Impressive! And with this book, you can learn to make your very own...

...Char-Broiled Hickory Smoke Santa. Festive!

And The Winner of the Holiday Swanktacular Is..


Thanks to everyone who played along! You crazy bunch of kids make this all worthwhile. I appreciate the feedback from all of you and want to welcome the new followers! I adore you guys something fierce!

Blackstar (I'm sorry, I don't know your name yet!)~ Just drop me an email at pinktrailer@ with your name & mailing address (which is kept secure & never mentioned publicly, FYI) and I'll get this big mama of a box off to you ASAP! Congrats!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Annie Get Your Nail Gun

Today, December 7th, marks the 68th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor (December 7, 1941), the infamous day that officially thrust this country into war, unexpectedly, woefully, brutally.

I'm sure many of you had grandparents (and even parents) that served this country in some branch of the military or another during the war-era 40's~ women too! So to respectfully honor this day in American history, here are some powerful and uplifting pictures of the women behind the scenes, the "Rosies", doing their part in the war-era workforce. Oft-unsung heroes on the Home Front.