Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Boney Maroney

Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday!


Sorry for the lack of posts lately amigos, but I've been multitasking like a badass again, including spending about 3 days making dozens of these little hellions for Halloween parties:


Spider cupcakes, y'all. In pirate skull & crossbone printed liners! Fun? Totally. Pain in the ass? Oh yeah. Better idea in theory? Hell yes. All those spider legs were made by cutting off strips of black licorice Twizzlers, so 8 legs X 36 cupcakes = 1 very annoyed me. But worth it, since Halloween only comes once...ish. So a belated Happy Halloween to all! Now that it's November, bring on the turkey! I'm relatively ready. More or less. Probably more of the "less."

Maybe it's from being a Scorpio and naturally in tune with the creepy and macabre, but speaking of belated Halloween, I wish I found this earlier in the month, because it's terrifyingly awesome-- you know, if you dig creepy old photographs for every day use and not just for October 31st:


While it may look like some sort of cheesetastic Halloween party setup, it's actually a vintage photo from the 1930's of the corpses in the Capuchin Catacombs in Palermo, Italy! Photo is currently available for sale from seller Diabolus, who, as the shop name suggests, also sells many other creepy-ass/flipping cool vintage photos for your devilish crafting needs.

Now if only I could find a vintage photo of a turkey skeleton...