Saturday, December 5, 2009

Prints Charming Sunday: Go To Shell.

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday! This week's vintage novelty print pick is this Vintage 70's Lilly Pulitzer Seashell Novelty Print Skirt, currently available for less than 50 clams (har har) from Catbooks1940s.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: It Takes Balls

(Vintage Christmas balls, that is. What did you think I meant? You filthy pig dogs. That's why I love you guys.)

Welcome to an apparently juvenile and low-brow Aqua Blue Heaven Friday! This week's theme is balls, if you haven't already gotten ahold of that. Ahem.

They're just so shiny. So magical. So...breakable. Seriously, I have dozens of these suckers and one false move and these things shatter like...I dunno...something that shatters easily. I've got no witty retort for that. Handle these balls with care and they'll give you a lifetime of enjoyment. (Hey-yo!) Break-ish-able or not, these vintage 50's glass ornaments really are purdy and look pretty fab on an aluminum tree!

Shiny Brite ornaments were a staple in most households from the 1930's, right through, well, today! Their heyday of popularity was from the war-era 1940's (when the ornaments had to be made differently, due to the war effort and shortages of metals) through the 60's, when you couldn't swing a bag of cats without hitting a Christmas tree in Any House, USA loaded with Shiny Brites.

Give us the balls, already!

Vintage Hand Painted Glass Ornaments available from the seller Do Not Destroy.

Vintage Set of 6 Shiny Brite Glass Ornaments, available from Collectors Haven.

Vintage Set of 24 Shiny Brite Glass Ornaments, available from Callooh Callay.

Vintage Set of 12 Glitter Glass Ornaments, available from Plantdreaming.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vintage Giveaway: It's a Holiday Swanktacular!

It's vintage giveaway time again, kiddies! Being as though it's the "mooost wun-der-ful tiiiiiime... of the year!", I thought this month was a great choice in showing how much I've appreciated you guys over the past year- your comments, your emails, the new followers to this train wreck of a blog and the new friends I've made- by doing the biggest giveaway yet! It might not be as grand what other people are doing, what with their Target gift cards and whatnot (I made that up- but if you know who's giving those away, let me know), but it's definitely not one you'll see anywhere else. It's little. Yellow. Different. It's my way, so quit yer bitching and don't make me pull this car over and come back there and slap you into next week. The holidays don't officially start until someone yells, someone cries, and then there's presents. Ho ho ho!

December's giveaway will be a chunk-o-vintage items, a chunk-o-retro items and some just for fun. Keep it, resell it, give it away as presents. I don't care what you do with it, just make sure you pass along a little gratitude to someone else along the way. You could call it "paying it forward", but I wouldn't, because I hate that term. I may be jaded, grumpy and a raging bitch, but I do carry a My Name is Earl-ian way of life: "Do good things, and good things happen". You can be jaded and grumpy too, just do something nice for someone else, OK? Or else.

Shuddup and get with the free stuff already!

Here's the whole cannoli:

Seeing as though that's a craptacular picture, I'll break it down for you, clockwise (ish):

1.) Handpainted, blown glass retro tree ornaments. Brand new and they come in a cool, old fashioned-ish wood crate.

2.) A brand new sequined/beaded poodle applique and a set of vintage 40's new old stock green buttons.

3.) A pair of vintage 50's lacy nylon gloves.

4.) A can of "Quick Snow"! Brand new, makes 3 gallons of fake snow, non-toxic and environmentally safe. So there's that.

5.) A set of vintage 60's potholders. They're new old stock, in their original package, never used. (These red & green kitchen-themed ones are the closest I could find to Xmas-themed ones. Yeah. Not very close at all, really.)

6.), 7.) and 8.) A vintage 40's/50's grey organdy apron w/lace & red topstitching, a vintage Xmas tree-embroidered napkin and a set of brand new, unscented silver taper candles.

9.) A vintage 50's winter white thermoset-esque plastic necklace.

10.) 2 vintage 50's unused Christmas cards.

11.) and 12.) A copyright 1972 Frosty the Snowman Little Golden book and a retro wood snowman tealight holder (or something- I'm not entirely sure what it's for. Maybe you keep your Vicodin in it.)

13.) A retro set of 4 glass holiday swizzle sticks.

14.) A set of 2 ruby red crystal martini glasses. The set is brand new, unused, with the store stickers still on the bottoms. And these suckers are heeaa-vy. And I don't mean that in a hippie 70's slang kind of way. They really do weigh a friggin' ton.

15.) A vintage 50's (?) club (as in playing cards) cookie cutter. New old stock, unused and in it's original plastic bag.

So, to enter: leave me a comment on this blog post anytime between now and December 8th, when I'll pick & announce the winner! If you don't follow my blog, all new followers will get a double entry to the giveaway! Everyone is welcome to enter and it's totally free to you! Good luck!

Way-Out Wednesday: (Everybody's Waiting For) The Man In The Bag

Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday: Holiday Horrors! Bad news, folks. Christmas has been cancelled this year due to an unfortunate suffocation incident. It's been a bad year for Santa. First the Reindeer Flu spread like wildfire throughout the staff. Then the Clauses became first-time parents of a bouncing baby boy with a suspicious, glowing-red nose. Finally, the downward-spiralling economy found it's way to the North Pole and due to a lack of sales and an impending foreclosure of the Toy Shoppe, Santa was forced to make cutbacks and lay off 50% of his employees. One night, an angry mob of disgruntled worker elves broke into Santa's shop where he was working late and crept up behind him with their torches, pitchforks, and delicious sugar cookies. Before he knew what was happening, Santa fell from his ladder, down...down...down...into the plastic bag used for dolls. With a wink of an eye, the elves sealed the top of the bag and got the hell outta there, stealing the hubcaps and fuzzy dice off Santa's sleigh on their way out. Santa was dead. Or WAS he? Mwuahahahaha!....Yeah, no. He's dead.

"Goodbye cruel world!"

This week's creepy-ass, kitschy vintage find is this Vintage Santa Figurine in Bag, available for sale from LilyNymph.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: Gone Fission.

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday! Happy first day of December! (How weird is that?!) Today marks the first day of "Colorectal Cancer Education and Awareness Month"! And apparently welcome to my exclamation-pointiest opening paragraph ever. Enough with that already.

Seeing as I haven't done a man's (I said "I haven't done a man" uh huh huh) theme in a while, and since it's National Tie Month (it's a thing, apparently,) it's high time I showed off a little eye candy for the menfolk, (and before you get your hopes up menfolk, that doesn't include beer or boobs. Maybe next time. But probably not.)

Get a load of these Vintage 50's/60's Swank Atomic Symbol Cufflinks- with a touch of bling, even! (EEEW. Yes, I DO hate myself for saying that, thankyouverymuch.) Are they not the coolest ever? This is why I adore Swank- they produced some of the swellest men's accessories.

These babies are available for less than 2 fins, people! (That's less than $10 for you unhep types) and are currently available from Vintage Ties.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prints Charming Sunday: You Got To Know When To Hold 'Em, Know When To Fold 'Em

It's Prints Charming Sunday, my little figgy puddings! I hope you all had a turkeytastic Thanksgiving and that your families weren't too annoying. And now comes the big push for Christmas. Oy. I'm so not ready, are you? (Plus, when it's unseasonably warm out, it's hard to want to decorate & put up a tree! I don't know how you warm-weather-states-living people can do it. I really like cold and snow this time a year. For a hot minute 'til I'm sick of it, which is usually after the first snow.)

Just a quick news flash: I'll be posting this month's holiday-themed Vintage Giveaway this week, so you won't want to miss it! And it's a big 'un~ the biggest and most expensive one I've done so far. And don't go expecting, like, a freaking CAR or a trip to the Canary Islands or to choose what's behind Curtain Number 1, 2 or 3. Or anything even remotely close. I'm not Oprah, people. I don't want to oversell this thing, but I think there's alot of cool, kitschy stuff involved~ some vintage, some brand new but retro and some just for fun. There are no whammies, no zonkos and I won't con you to trade it for what's underneath the Mystery Box. (Come to think of it, maybe I should. Could make for a pretty interesting giveaway, wouldn't it? A vintage blog-meets-70's-game-show!) Anyway, I hope you all dig it!

Onto today's theme!

Today's vintage novelty print is this Vintage 50's Playing Cards Novelty Print Apron, available from 816Vintage.