Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Way-Out Wednesday, Valentine's Edition: Wild "Thing", You Make My Heart Sing

Welcome to our 2nd week of Way-Out Wednesday's Valentine's Day edition!


For all you fans of unnecessary quotation marks, you'll probably enjoy today's pick. Fans of anthropomorphism, you'll like the dumbass, cartoony face of today's pick. Fans of turning everyday objects into filthy "bedroom items" will surely appreciate today's pick. And finally, fans of suggestive double entendres, well I'm sure you pervs will have a field day with today's pick.

I give you this Vintage 60's "Thing" Valentine's Day Card", from Etsy seller Orbiting Debris:


Oh my sweet doily hat-wearing, toilet paper cardboard tube hair spray can vibrator, I've been waiting for the day you'd ask me to do a "thing" with you! One quick question though: you do, of course, mean we should file our taxes together, right? That's so sweet! You make everything groovy.