Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Children Of The Scorn.

Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday!


Bet you thought I forgot, didn't you?! Well, no. It's called being "fashionably late".... you know, if it was 1982, which is probably the last time anyone even called it that, like if I was going to a Bacardi-and-blow party of some high-strung, child-free bachelor stockbroker in Manhattan named "Chip" or "Brad" and I didn't show up until after midnight- you know, "fashionably late"- wearing a shoulder pad power suit, with a bottle of Valium in one hand and this new-fangled cassette tape of Hall and Oats, the scent of Charlie wafting in after me. You know, like that. These days it's called "holy crap I gotta write today's blog but ohmygod I just remembered there's still wet laundry in the washer from yesterday and I bet it smells like death by now and I'm gonna have to wash it all over again and oh man, what's today? is tonight garbage night?! I'll drag the cans out to the curb later, after I finish this Valium-tini and Danielle Steel novel but what time is it, is it really 6:00 already? I guess dinner will be a bowl of bran flakes and what, last night's brussels sprouts, and the fam will just have to like it, dammit." So there you have it. It all makes perfect sense now.

Speaking of those little crumb-snatchers (and considering it is Way-Out Wednesday after all), I present you with this Vintage Meanie Doll, currently available on Etsy from seller Pugpink:


This is why I don't like other people's kids.

Maybe those 1980's yuppies were onto something.