Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday, Holiday Horrors: We INSIST You Have A Merry Christmas.

Welcome to the last (?) Holiday Horrors edition of Way-Out Wednesday for the year! In case you were wondering, I "question marked" that because I miiight be able to continue Holiday Horrors until New Year's, depending on whether I can find any "New Years-y" vintage horrors. That'll probably be a long shot, but I'll try my darnedest for you guys! (Just don't hold your breath, is all I'm sayin'.)


For our last (?) (there's that infernal question mark again) Holiday Horrors, I though a cheerful vintage album cover would be just great. And I mean cheerful. Painfully cheery. Like, crack-induced happiness.


If there's one thing that bugs the bejesus outta me, it's people who insist their happiness upon you. With song. And sometimes jazz hands. But this kind of happiness is usually always for show, because you just know they're getting all Bing Crosby on their families behind the scenes. Is it just me, or does it seem like their names should be, like, Carol and Bob? Or maybe that's just what their stage names are. Something nice and stupid. But look at their faces! Who knew singing would be so orgasmic? Had I known that, I'd have spread some damn Christmas spirit long ago. On second thought, singing carols in public makes me the exact opposite of cheerful. "Murderous rampage" some might say. I'll save the drug-addled singing to the pros. Take it away, Carol and Bob! No really. Take it away.

Happiest People Alive, Carol and Bob, can be heard on this Vintage "Favorite Christmas Carols" album, currently available on Etsy from seller Johnny Vintage.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Prints Charming Sunday: Cabin Fever

Welcome to a special, Christmas-y edition of Prints Charming Sunday!


Today's vintage novelty print pick is this charming Vintage 50's Winter Cabin Print Lanz Dress available on Etsy from seller Swing Kats Vintage:


It's so cute for Christmas and all of winter, even, with its quilty-ness and red & green-ness and pine tree/cabin-y print, um, -ness. Almost everything by Lanz is sure to be a winner, and this is no exception! Unless of course you have something against quilted things. Or red & green. Or cabins. Then you're out of luck, my friend.

A close-up of all of the "ness-es" of which I just spoke: