Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Hands All Over.

Welcome to a better-late-than-never Way-Out Wednesday!


Some things I always love/admire/give shout-outs to (in no particular order):

* vintage
* kid leather (sorry my loves- but back off my jock, PETA)
* bedazzled crap
* crafty bitches
* crap with a vaguely Victorian/sorta steampunk/mostly "what-the-hell-would-you-call- this" vibe
* eccentricity
* crazy-ass costume & "statement" jewelry
* upcycling crap into other crap
* highly creative peeps
* homages to Janet Jackson's 1993 Rolling Stone cover

...yet even though today's pick has all of the above, I'm beginning to question where my list went wrong...


Why yes, that is an Eccentric Neck Adornment (the Etsy seller's title verbatim- and true on all counts), made from shrunken kid leather gloves and turned into a necklace that reminds me of a 15-year-old trying to cop a feel in the movie theater while trying to employ the cliche and zero-success-rated "pretend to yawn, stretch and put an arm around the shoulder of the chick sitting next to him while his hand dangles precariously within boob-reaching distance" move, thanks for asking. Then again, my mind takes up residence in the gutter quite often, so take it with a grain of salt.


(Huh. Woody Allen has "no apologies." Shocking. I bet he's used that movie theater trick on more than one 15 year old girl in his day. Hey-yo!)