Friday, October 15, 2010

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: Gliding Light

Welcome to Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!


I've been burned-out on our aqua theme for the past "x" amount of months, in a creative funk you'd say, but I feel like my "aqua mojo is back with burnin' fury! (Or whatever.) To my luscious new followers (yes, you are indeed luscious and don't you forget it), Aqua Blue Heaven Friday is a day (friday, duh) I showcase a supercool/wicked/fantastic/ridonkulous/enter any fitting descriptive word here/ vintage item that is, shock and surprise, aqua. Now lets ride, mofos!

Today's pick is not only grand in scale, but also in sheer awesomeness. Something I SO wish I had but never seem to get my grubby little paws on. A Firebird-driving, cutoff-denim-jacket-wearing, mullet-rocking, lifting-weights-in-the-garage-listening-to-Motorhead-on-cassette-tape-on-a-ghetto-blaster, Big Gulp-of-Mountain-Dew-chugging, poolboy named Zeke? Well, no, not exactly. (Though I really wish I did.)

I mean, this:


But the BEST, most filthy and suggestive thing about it? It reclines!


Awwww, yeeeah.

Vintage 50's Aqua Patio Aluminum Glider is currently available on Etsy from seller The Vintage Supply Co. They do not, however, have a poolboy named Zeke. Pity.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

In The Heyday Frock Giveaway!

If you haven't already heard, mosey on over to the In the Heyday blog to sign up to win this smashingly cute, repro Swirl-esque frock:


To celebrate her 100th (but probably waaay more by now) follower, she's giving away the dress- all you have to do for a chance to win is leave her a comment that you want to be entered in the contest! The winner gets to choose her customized size. Tweet it or blog it and you get 2 more chances! Good luck!

Way-Out Wednesday: Ill Communication

Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday!


You know, after taking a mini break from blogging recently, I thought I'd make a triumphant return with swift vengeance, ready to take on the blogging world with a great many new themes and ideas of which to simultaneously blow your minds and thusly knock your socks off... buuuuut... it's obvious I suck at time management. Hell, I couldn't even find the time to come on here to let you guys know I didn't have any time. (How do you daily bloggers DO it? Also, I said "do it".) I have no big circus acts of freak show awesomeness for you guys, no major shows of dramatic creativity. I *did* have this swell idea to carry on last year's tradition of doing a weekly vintage Halloween theme, but I just couldn't pull it together this past month. Oh well. Maybe with December will come a month of freaky deaky themes, who knows. But you know what I do know? We do still have our 4 (ish) regular, weekly themes (side note: this friday will see the return of Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!) and we do still have Way-Out Wednesday and by gawd we're gonna rock Wednesdays like it's nobody's business! And today, kids, we're in the ketchup biz.


What I mean, of course, is this Vintage Heinz Ketchup Bottle Phone. (And anyone who calls it "ket-sup", ie: catsup, is gonna catch the business end of my stabbin' hand. It's pronounced "ketch-up" and always will be. The end.) The seller doesn't mention an era, but I'd wager a guess that it's from the decade of wacky novelty crap, the 1980's. (Recall the Sports Illustrated Football Phone?) The phone's sort of beat to hell, but it still looks bizarrely awesome (you know, for a novelty telephone) and it's only 6 bucks. ($6.00!) The phone's available on Etsy from seller My Serious Side. (Have I mentioned its 6 dollar factor? 6 bucks!)