Friday, November 20, 2009

Your Anonymity Is Not Welcome

Just a quick update to let you guys know that I've had to put a block on all "Anonymous" posters to my blog from now on. Not for any malicious or mean-spirited reason, though that would make for a great story. No, what's been happening is too much damn spam. I could just delete them, but that's one more step in my day, taking up more time which could be spent drinking. I mean, reading the bible. Every morning I wake up to more and more Anonymous spam comments, like from schmoes hawking Viagra and Cialis and one particular pain in the ass who posts in Japanese about businessmen and sex trade. Apparently my blog is a magnet for men with wiener issues. Great. Exactly what I was aiming for. (That's what he said. Hey-yo!) Maybe it's lame jokes like that which are bringing the wiener commenters. Maybe I should ixnay on the pervy puns for a while. It's gonna be hard. (That's what he...No! Must resist!)

Anyway, just a heads-up. If you don't have a blog account (using any blogging host, it doesn't have to be just Blogger) set up, you just can't comment. You can still feel free to email me your wiener issues. Although I'll probably just publicly mock them later. Fair warning.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: Stick 'em Up.

Welcome to Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!

Today's vintage aqua pick is just about the coolest collection of vintage decals ever. Of all time. The end. They just are. All of the decals below are (as of now) available for sale from the same seller, Miss Gaylee. I dig the fact that that they're vintage 40's/50's and not repros, just based on the simple fact that vintage decals just don't show up very often- let alone PINUP decals! Yep, you heard me. Pinups. I think these would look fanTAStic in a vintage pink and/or aqua bathroom. Too divine!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: "I Am A Turkey. Kill Me."

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I thought it was only appropriate to make this Way-Out Wednesday turkey-themed. So first, let me say that I am aghast (aghast, I say!) at the lack of Thanksgiving-themed vintage kitsch out there in the world. Second, let me say I am aghast (aghast, I say!) that no one bought this Vintage 1981 Thanksgiving Turkey Pin. It's the right thing to get you in the mood to scarf down mass amounts of poultry, is it not?

The very first thing I thought when I saw this & read his shirt wast: "So? You want a prize or something? Arrogant-ass turkey."

Then I was all: "Ohhh, I get it. It's a late 70's/early 80's thing, calling people "jive turkeys" like Fred Sanford. AND he's a turkey. Funny. Clever. Ironic. Whoop-dee-doo."

Then I went into: "Aww, but look at his sad widdle eyes. He knows what's about to go down in the farmyard. Poor guy."

Then after an appropriate amount of time kicking myself in the ass for feeling sorry for a piece of molded plastic jewelry from the 80's, I went into immediate Evil Mode and thought: "You know, those friends of his are probably being yakked up by Snots the family dog under the dinner table right about now."

So what's your verdict? Funny and joketacular? A PETA-happy way to get everyone in a bummer mood for Thanksgiving? An ironic gift to present to your dinner host? Too pathetic to even look at? Just a stupid piece of plastic and stop over-analyzing it already? You be the judge. My verdict: I happen to love it. Then again, I happen to love calling my friends and family mildly verbally-abusive pet names like "jerks", "losers" and from now on: "turkeys."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Prints Charming Sunday: Foxy Lady.

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday! Today's vintage novelty print pick is this tooth achingly sweet Vintage 50's Fox Novelty Print Blouse.

But it's not what you'd think: they're not just boring ol' foxes, but they're girlie foxes with flirty eyes! See?...

Cucuuute! The little foxes remind me of any cartoon from the 50's where there's a female animal constantly trying to use her female wiles to con the male animal out of something, like his wedge of cheese. Or into marriage. Or denying his inter-species sexual harassment. Oh, those crazy 50's. Making us girls look like conniving, materialistic nags. How fun!