Sunday, April 10, 2011

Prints Charming Sunday: It Came From The Beach

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday!


Today's vintage novelty print pick makes me infinitely happy for no real reason, other than it's so summery cute it hurts. Or maybe because it looks like something that an Annette Funicello, Sandra Dee or any other generic Gidget-y character would wear in any generic, early 60's, non-Elvis, bad acting, highly unrealistic, low-grade beach movie. You know the plot: teen girl sings duets while learning valuable life lessons when she and her perfect nuclear family go to the beach for summer vacay and she of COURSE makes her Dad worried when she falls in love with the ONE random beatnik-ish surfer type (who's actually a pretty big weenie and would get his ass kicked on a daily basis by REAL beatnik-y surfer types, but for Disney's purpose he's "bad" enough) and oh yeah, throw in a screwball biker gang that hasn't ever committed any real crimes, other than perhaps jaywlking (gasp! not jaywalking!!) for some wacky hijinks involving a band, a bonfire and someone driving his bike off the pier and THAT, my friends, more or less sums up every awesomely bad 1960's beach movie ever made.

And THIS more or less looks like what any girl in that movie would wear:



Charming little Vintage 60's Novelty Beach Print Top is currently available on Etsy from seller Less Than Perfect Vintage.


  1. What about the mermaid? You totally forgot the mermaid who masquerades as a normal chick for a little while to see what it is like and to do a little unintentional heartbreaking of some dum beach lummox who is too goo-goo eyed to care?