Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prints Charming Sunday: Book To The Future

Welcome to a very late Prints Charming Sunday!


I apologize for the lateness of today's post- I've been slackified by reading all the live long day today-- on my new Look Book reader. I swore I would never, ever buy a Kindle or a Lookbook or any brand of e-reader for that matter. I'm not one who's easily impressed by technology or people who need to keep up with it. The Joneses can sprint right on past me with their high-tech gadgets, overpriced Starbucks and brand new SUVS. I've always, my entire life since about birth, had a 1940's "make do and mend" mentality instilled in me. The same goes for books. I love that instant vibe you get when you walk into a library and begin pacing the aisles until you see a crackly leather-bound calling your name. I love the feel of pages of brittle, yellowed, dry paper between my fingers and the musty "old book smell" that drifts out of it. And I ain't talking about a trip to Borders. The whole going-to-the-library process is tradition, spending rainy days sitting in old leather club chairs or sitting on the floorby the window can't ever be replaced. Call me a sentimental fool or a nostalgic sap, I don't mind. But when the opportunity to buy a brand spanking new Lookbook for 30 bucks came up, well, even *I* was dragged into the 21st century. (But I gotta tell you, pushing a button to turn a page just ain't doing it for me.)

So for today's vintage novelty print, I wanted to find something book-related for a theme, because themes are great! They're my raison d'etre. But alas, no book novelty prints. However, in the theme of all-things-nerdy, I did find a wonderfully geeky print...

Paper clips!


Vintage Green Paper Clip Novelty Print Cotton Jacket is currently available on Etsy from seller Bred Vintage.

Perfect for a walk to the library, isn't it?...


  1. Books are my total weakness. But like you say, you nostalgic sap you, when an offer like that comes your way - well, it'd be rude not to, wouldn't it?
    Is it just it's late over here and my eyes are tired or has someone doctored my bedtime drink? That print makes my eyes roll back in their sockets! Time for some zzzzz,
    Z xx

  2. SQEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am a geeky secretary; this is perfectomundo!!!

    (And I heart libraries, too.)

  3. Nope, no can do without my crackly leather binding lol...

    But I can deal with that blouse. =D